(Clubs/Activities/Sponsors are subject to change)

The advisor for each activity is listed after each description.  Please email advisor with specific questions.


Acabellas is LHS’s only co-curricular auditioned vocal ensemble for girls.  Admission to this group is open to females from freshmen through seniors.  Auditions are in October and the group runs from November through May performing at the Holiday Music Festival, Cabaret, and Spring Choir Concert.  Acabellas focuses on vocal jazz and pop a cappella music for females. Contact:


 The Academic Decathlon team is composed of nine students from different academic levels.   Each student competes in ten different academic disciplines:  math, science, literature, economics, music, art, speech, essay, interview and super quiz. Contact:


 This is a club dedicated to spreading awareness of issues regarding gender inequality.  As a club, we aim to spread awareness of issues ranging from unequal pay to reproductive rights.  Throughout the year, we raise money for organizations that help women all over the world and complete volunteer projects to benefit women closer to home. All students are welcome to join.  Contact:


This group is more than a traditional book discussion club.  Besides sharing ideas and reflections on books, this club views and discusses Japanese animated videos. Contact


 Do you find yourself always wanting to creatively express what you feel and think? Art Club could be the perfect activity for you! This club is designed for anyone, taking the class or not, interested in many fields of art such as:  ceramics, painting, drawing, or photography.  Some of the artwork is displayed throughout the halls of LHS! Contact:


Ice Hockey. See - Athletic Director


IHSA Bass Fishing Team is a group of individuals dedicated to improving their skills as bass anglers and participating in competitive bass tournaments.  The team is primarily active during the open water season in the early fall and mid to late spring.  The state sectionals and championship occur in the spring and invitationals can occur in either fall or spring.  Meetings to prepare for the tournaments begin in late February. Contact:


The mission of Best Buddies is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment.   By introducing Best Buddies to public and private high schools, we are crossing the invisible line that too often separates those with disabilities from those without.  Best Buddies introduces socialization opportunities and helps provide the necessary tools for student, with intellectual disabilities, to become more independent and, consequently,  more included in the community. Contact:


Book Club is a place to read and discuss interesting books with other people (both students and teachers) who like to read and discuss interesting books. Contact


Bridge group was formed to create social opportunities for students who may struggle in traditional social settings.  The group is led and comprised of students who want to become more involved in the school community.  This club offers the opportunity for kids to be social. Contact


This club's mission is aligned with the nonprofit organzation Caring for Cambodia.  Members raise awareness of the poverty striken nation of Cambodia and hold drives for needed supplies such as toothbrushes, sports equipment, shoes and various other clothing items.  Funds are raised with the goal of holding a student mission trip during the summer to help build schools in Cambodia. Contact 


This is a non-competitive recreational opportunity for students to allow students to play against one another in a family game of chess.  Check the bulletin for meeting times of this fun recreational activity! Contact:


If you are a male and like to sing pop music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, this group is for you.  The Cleftomaniacs meet one day a week after school in the music department and is open to any male at LHS, grades 9-12.  No audition is required.  The Cleftomaniacs perform three times a year at the Holiday Festival, Cabaret, and Spring Choral Concert. Contact:


Coding Cats is a club that focuses on working on projects, practicing and attending competitions, and learning more about computer science.  At a normal meeting we might have a practice competition or have a presentation on a new concept.  The club is open to both novice and experienced programmers so everyone should feel free to stop by.


The Cosmetic Club is open to all students interested in developing personal care products.  The club members have to pay for the raw materials they use while developing various products.  The cost is usually around $5 which includes the container and label.  The club will focus on learning the basics of chemistry used in developing personal care products. Contact:


Cre8 is LHS's Engineering club that is run by students for students.  As a group, the students come up with some type of engineering challenge and they work on that project during the club's time.  From designng and building rockets, to competing against other club members in a bridge building competition.  Cre8 is a fun and educational club that would be great for any student at LHS.  We hope to see you there to Cre8 some fun!!!  Contact:


The LHS Debate Team offers students a chance to compete at both the regional and state level in Lincoln-Douglas and/or Public Forum debate.  Throughout the season (September-March), students conduct research, write cases, and apply argumentation theory to problems of significant social impact. Contact:


The Fine and Performing Arts department produces three stage presentations each year:  a fall musical and two  dramatic productions that are directed by adult sponsors but are student oriented.  Any LHS student may audition for a production or sign up to work on the “Tech crew” which includes scenery construction, painting, costumes, lighting, props and house management.  Contact:


The school newspaper is a class, meeting each school day to work on publishing the news magazine and website articles. Staff members of the class write and edit their own work, take pictures, create layouts and graphics, and manage the publication's social media. Some after school work is needed inorder to meet publication deadlines. Contact:  


This is a social club that offers the opportunity to play the game Dungeons and Dragons.  Come learn the game and the strategy behind it all! Contact:


FCA allows student/athletes the opportunity to strengthen their Christian faith through their athletics.


Erika's Lighthouse club strives to raise awareness of adolescent depression and build support systems for teenagers within the school community.  It is an advocacy group, rather than a support group or therapy group.  There will be presentations and information to faculty, students and parents in order to raise awareness for depression and mental health. Contact:


Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is a national student organization that helps young men and women become better leaders in their families, careers and communities.  Members have the opportunity to demonstrate these skills through Family Consumer Science based competitions.  Membership is based on classroom performance and are teacher selected. Students must be enrolled in FCS classes to qualify for this club. Contact:


Whether it’s Zorro, Star Wars, or the Three Musketeers, fencing is all about heroic combat, fancy moves, spectacular attacks and defenses, but most of all it’s fun.  The fencing club, called the Thundercats, is a co-ed fencing team made up of students from the Libertyville and Vernon Hills High Schools.  We fence epee and sabre.  We compete in the Great Lakes High School Fencing Conference.  The club is open to all students regardless of previous fencing experience, so come out and give fencing a try!  To learn more visit


Get in touch with your French side!  Whether you take French or not, French Club is open to anyone interested in exploring French culture in an interactive and engaging way,  The club participates actively in International Language Week and introduces members to various French cuisines, films, music, plays and more.  The club will motivate you to improve your French abilities or pick up some new French phrases and have fun while doing it too.  Contact:


This council is open to all freshmen and will represent the entire freshman class.  The elected Freshman Student Council Class Officers will direct this group.  The Freshman Class council will have bi-weekly meetings to organize and plan homecoming activities, community service projects and dances. Contact:


FBLA is a national organization providing youth with an interest in business a venue to share, network, and compete with others on local, state and national levels. Contact:


Graphics Club is a student initiated club that
allows both students enrolled in graphics and students not in graphics to learn about graphic arts, screening printing process, and layout and design.  They meet after school on various days.  Graphics club students are also asked and encouraged to produce small projects that are in need within the school.


GSA is a club open to all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  The club aims to provide and advocate for a safe environment for all students at LHS, paying particular attention to issues surrounding the LGBT community.  Students participate in regular discussions of local, national and worldwide events, school climate, and current issues.  Students organize and execute activities raising awareness during Ally Week, No Name Calling Week, National Day of Silence, and Transgender Memorial Week.  Additional activities may include movie nights, field trips to live theatre performances, and perhaps a summer outing to the Gay Pride Parade. Contact:


Guitar club is a regularly scheduled musician's jam.  All skill levels and instruments are welcome.  This club offers a safe place to learn to perform as well as meet others to share, practice and learn.  We will choose a music related service project every year. Contact:


Interact is a student organization whose primary focus is to provide volunteer services to fit area needs.  Some  activities include helping at a home for women and children, volunteering at a senior center, working with the Park district and a wide range of other community-oriented activities.  If you are interested in helping others through service, this club is for you! Contact: 


Intramural activities are offered to LHS, District #128, students throughout the year.  These include boys and girls weight lifting, basketball, coed volleyball, badminton, flag football and bowling.  Programs are offered satisfying student interest when facilities are available.  Announcements concerning these activities can be found in the daily bulletin, which is read in homeroom.  Listen for details of your favorite activity and get involved.  Contact the Athletic Department for more information.


This council is open to all juniors and will represent the entire junior class.  The elected Junior Student Council Class Officers will direct this group.  The Junior Class council will have bi-weekly meetings to organize and plan homecoming activities, community service projects and dances.  Contact:


Latin/Certamen Team is an organization open to all students who love Roman history, culture, mythology, and language. The club is primarily a social club, and yearly outings include trips to the Olive Garden for dinner, Greek and Roman themed movie nights, bowling, and laser tag. We also celebrate the most important Roman festivals, such as Saturnalia, with food and games. Latin Club caps off the year with a “Roman Olympics” where teams can participate in events such chariot racing, footraces, catapult construction, and mosaic making. Enrollment in Latin class is not required. Latin/Certamen team also participates in tri-annual district wide Latin Certamen competitions. Certamen is a quiz-bowl style Latin competition in which teams from Chicago and North Shore area high schools compete against one another in the areas of Latin grammar, translation, history, culture, and mythology. Contact:


LEAF was formed to serve the communities of Libertyville and Vernon Hills and the students and faculty of LHS.  LEAF’s objectives are to promote environmental awareness and encourage environmental activities at LHS while networking with existing programs locally, nationally and globally.  Each week the club collects the school's recycling and each year they engage in local environmental activities and hold fundraisers to support conservation organizations. Contact:


LHS United is a club where LHS students and staff join together in a friendly environment with the shared plan to connect with and help others in our school, community and world.  Goals of the club are to connect with each other while spreading awareness of and raise money to aid individuals and groups in need. We also strive to help students become aware of humanitarian or cultural issues in other places, near and far.  We encourage students to gain knowledge and ask questions.  LHS United welcomes all to join and unite in having a positive impact on society.  Contact:


From the madrigals to vocal jazz, the Master Singers cover the musical spectrum.  Auditions for membership are required.  The group performs at the Holiday Festival, Cabaret, and Spring Choral Concert, as well as the IHSA Solo & Ensemble Contest. Contact:


Do you like to be challenged, to think in new ways and to broaden your mathematical horizons?  If so, you will fit in perfectly on the Math Team.  The Math Team participates in monthly competitions covering topics ranging from counting to calculus.  Meetings are held weekly on Tuesday after school.  Contact:


Are you interested in medicine and possibly a career in a healthcare field?  Come join us as we explore a variety of healthcare professions, site visits, and other related activities. Contact:


Bring the excitement of courtroom drama to life!  This team prepares a case, either criminal or civil, and competes against other schools in the area.  Team members will serve as attorneys, witnesses, or both throughout the competition season.  The year culminates with the state competition held in March in Springfield.   In addition to the school sponsor(s), local attorneys volunteer to help the members hone in their litigation skills. Contact:


This club trains students to understand the problems of different countries throughout the world.  Students interested should apply and train for the annual excursions, area contests and to the national Model United Nations Conference. Contact:


Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society with over 108,000 student members in more than 2,200 schools. The organization is dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, providing community service opportunities through tutoring, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school and two-year college students.  Mu Alpha Theta meets twice a month (every other Monday) after school and new members are always welcome.  Mu Alpha Theta is sponsored by Mr. Brenner (


(MSA) is a national organization with many branches in various universities, colleges and high schools around the country.  It is a club designed to promote the human values that Islam emphasizes: community, equality, justice, mercy, compassion and peace.  The club is designed to promote understanding and awareness of Islamic heritage to other LHS students. Contact:


Membership into the LHS chapter of the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors a student can receive in District 128.  Membership is open to juniors and seniors with a minimum 3.4 GPA.   A committee elects members.  In addition to scholarship, members must show evidence of service, character and leadership.  Contact:


This is a national dance honor society for high school students, which recognizes outstanding academic and artistic achievement, including performance, production, scholarship, technology and community service.  Students are admitted by being actively involved in dance activities, maintaining a B average, completing an application, and earning 30 membership points.  Meetings take place periodically after school throughtout the year, and students involved participate in dance workshops and community service projects. Contact:


This is an audition based dance company featuring a variety of dance styles including jazz, ballet, modern and tap dance.  Members have the opportunity to learn student, faculty, and guest artist choreography to perform in a formally staged concert.  Orchesis is open to all grade levels, and auditions are held in November with a performance in March.  NU DELTA ALPHA DANCE HONOR SOCIETY is a national dance honor society for high school students, which recognizes outstanding academic and artistic achievement, including performance, production, scholarship, technology, and community service.  Students admitted by being actively involved in dance classes, maintaining a B average, completing an application, and earning 30 membership points.  Meetings take place periodically after school throughout the year, and students involved participate in dance workshops and community service projects.  Contact:


This team consists of students selected from the physics classes to compete in several competitions.  Students participate in the AAPT Physics Bowl the U.S. Physics Team Competition and the Physics Olympics.  The team also sponsors several outreach activities for the feeder schools and parents. Contact:


This club is designed for the recreational purpose of taking pictures.  Students who enjoy finding the beauty in the things around them may be interested in this club. Contact:


For those who want to have fun playing ping pong once a week – no experience needed. Just come and hit the ball! Contact:


This organization is responsible for the technical work for most any event at LHS.  Consist of anything from a simple set up for a meeting in the Studio Theater to special effects lighting and complex sound systems for the Jazz band concert.  Their ultimate responsibility to produce a professional looking and sounding show. Members of Production Services are in charge of lighting crew, sound crew, and set crew for all the theatre productions.  Contact:


A student run organization that promotes acts of kindness among their peers and school community.  These students bring everyone at our school together in a cooperative and caring way.  Remind everyone to look for the good in people and praise it all the time!  Members collaborate to build self-esteem and raise school morale by showing every person at our school that he or she really can make a difference.  Our goal is to change the world with kindness!  Contact:


The Robotics Team is for students who are interested in science, engineering and programming.  The team will be divided into smaller teams and will be able to design, build, and compete with a robot at the robotic competitions held at Abbott Labratories using Lego Mindstorm Kits.  There are eight competitions with the last as a public event. Contact:


Scholastic Bowl is an IHSA activity.  In teams of five, students compete against many high schools in the Chicago area to answer questions covering a broad base of knowledge which includes math, science, history, geography, music, literature, mythology, art history, spelling, grammar, sports, current events and entertainment.  Think Jeopardy!, except with four friends on your team. Contact:


A National, non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of K-12 Science Education.  Students participate in competitive tournaments.  The teamwork required in many Science Olympiad events parallels the collaborative group dynamic of scientists in real-world settings. Contact:


This is a club dedicated to discussing, listening, and debating hip-hop music and culture. This is a broad genre, and we are open to many new selections. From the early 90’s to the present, we attempt to indulge in as many artists as possible. Throughout the year, we meet once a week. Before every meeting, we are assigned to listen/research an album, song(s), or something of hip-hop culture. At the meeting, we discuss what we were assigned while simultaneously eating scones. Our goal is to allow students to express themselves through hip-hop culture while having as much fun as possible. Contact:


This council is open to all seniors and will represent the entire senior class.  The elected Senior Student Council Class Officers will direct this group.  The Senior Class council will have bi-weekly meetings to organize and plan homecoming activities, community service projects, dances, graduation and class gift.  Contact:


Skills USA is open to all students that are involved in skilledareas such as automotive technology, electronic,woodworking, graphic communications, drawing, television production, photography and advertising design to mention a few.  Students may also get involved in leadership contests such as extemporaneous speaking, prepared speed and many more.  Skills USA/VICA students compete in their area of expertise at the state and national level. Contact:


Slant of Light is the literary magazine at LHS.  It is staffed and compiled by students of all levels who are interested in student-generated poetry, short stories, plays, artwork, etc. Contact:


SnoCatz is the ski and snow boarding club that provides students with an opportunity to refine their ski and snow boarding skills at various resorts around Illinois and Wisconsin.  Whether you are a novice or an expert, gather your friends and get ready for fun. Contact:


This council is open to all sophomores and will represent the entire sophomore class.  The elected Sophomore Student Council Class Officers will direct this group.  The Sophomore Class council will have bi-weekly meetings to organize and plan homecoming activities, community service projects and dances. Contact:


Spanish Club is welcome to all LHS students who have an interest in expanding their knowledge about the Spanish speaking world.  Students will further explore the language and culture through music, movies, fiestas, food and crafts. Contact:


This is a program for any student to get involved with the athletic teams as a Student Athletic Trainer.  The program offers students seeking a career in any medical profession, (Athletic Training, Physical or Occupational Therapy or physician) the chance to experience and assist in the area of Sports Medicine.  See Mr. Ron Russ with details.


This is your chance to get to work backstage or in the spotlight.  Every year the Stageplayers participate in the Illinois High School Association Theater Festival where over 240 schools participate. Contact:


This group helps those students new to the district successfully transition into the LHS Community.  Students are utilized throughout the school year on an as–needed-basis.  All students are welcome. Contact:


Student Council is an organization that represents the entire student body. The council consists of four elected officers along with five elected representatives from each class. Students may petition to join the Council as non-elected “walk-on” members. The student body, at large, elects a five member Executive Board to supervise and plan all Council events. The council serves to relay student concerns and opinions to the administration. Contact:


Topcats will provide opportunities for LHS students to mentor “at-risk” elementary students one afternoon a week at the elementary school.  Topcats is open to any student at any grade level who will commit approximately two and one-half hours weekly after school from 3:00 to 5:30 to this activity for the duration of the school year. Contact:


If you are a female and like to sing pop music from the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s, this group is for you.  The TrebleMakers meet one day a week after school in the music department and is open to any female at LHS, grades 9-12.  No audition is required.  The TrebleMakers perform three times a year at the Holiday Festival, Cabaret, and Spring Choral Concert. Contact:


Students will learn the aspects of ultimate frisbee. All ages welcome.  Pick up games will be offered weekly depending on group interest and weather dependent! Contact:


For over 70 years, Unicef has been fighting for the rights of children all over the world in over 190 countries and territories in order to improve their lives.  Join the Libertyville High School Chapter that works to raise funds to help children all over the world - for more information visit


The Guard is comprised of those aquatic enthusiasts who want to help the school and community through our swim program. Guard members help teach at our Learn-to-Swim program on Saturday mornings, and weekdays during the summer.  They also work as lifeguards for our weekend and evening community programs. See Mr. Eric Rogers with questions.


Whether you enjoy producing videos in your spare time or want to be a part of a live broadcast seen by many; this is the place for you. Working alone or collaboratively become the writer, producer, director, graphic artist or camera operator for your masterpiece. Unleash your creativity while producing commercials, promotional videos, documentaries, green screen videos, and much more. Contact:


Come share your writing talents throughout the year with other club members. Writes will be invited to be a part of the Annual Writer’s Week at LHS and share their works with the school community.  Contact:


WYSE has several competition teams. The Academic Challenge Team is a group of 14 students who are selected to participate in competition offered in 7 subject areas. The TEAMS group consists of eight selected students who work cooperatively to solve engineering problems. The Science Bowl is a tournament-style academic competition. Contact:


This club is open to any innovative student who is interested in learning more about investing and being an entrepreneur. Creative students lead this club where ideas become realities. Past successes have included the Wildcat Catfe coffee shop and Valentine Rose sales. Contact:

Questions on student activities may  be directed  to Jennifer Uliks, Director of Student Activities, at (847) 327-7258 or, Kelly Brosio, Student Activities Assistant, at (847) 327-7058, or contact the sponsor of the organization. Watch the daily bulletin for club/activity meeting dates and times.*

*Non-school sponsored club.