Welcome to the Write Place!

What: Conference with an English teacher about any piece of writing
When: Everyday 6:45 to 3:45 except Wednesdays hours are 8:50-3:45
Where: MASH Room 1106

  • Appointments are preferred, however walk-ins welcome if time permits.
  • Sign up through this link.
    • Make an account using your student email.
    • Please add a description of your writing assignment.
  • Bring your printed writing assignment, the assignment prompt & rubric
  • Have a clear idea of what you'd like the teachers to help you with (say, sentence errors and imagery. . .) Avoid general statements such as "Can you look over my paper?" 
  • Use this recommended chart to organize your questions before, during and after the writing conference.
  • Do not expect the teachers to read an entire paper during your 10-minute appointment. Make additional appointments for longer writing pieces.
  • We are here to help with any writing assignment from any subject, college application essays, scholarship essays or job-related writing.

Period Teacher
Before School (except Wednesdays) Mrs. LeMaistre
1 Mr.Hironimus
3 Mrs. Schoenbeck
4 Mr. Thomas
5 Mrs. Bolsinger
6 Ms. Powell
7 Mrs. Singleton
8 Mr. Tooley
After school Mrs. Tarczynski