All Students

If you are attending Prom this Saturday evening, YOU MUST ATTEND SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, APRIL 27TH.  Also, remember to have your CURRENT Student ID with you on Saturday evening.  If you are bringing a guest from another school, they will need to have their current ID, as well.  If you are having your pictures taken by VIP Photography, please bring your picture form with your payment included.  (Levin 4/27)

REMINDER: On Monday, April 30th, we will be on an Adjusted Bell Schedule due to our School Safety Drill day.  Please refer to the Bell schedule that was emailed to all students and staff by Mr. Stilling.  Monday the Adjusted Bell schedule will be posted.  If you have any questions, please email Greg Stilling at (4/30)

Attention tennis fans and hot dog consumers! “Fill the Hill While We Grill” is back on Monday, April 30th.  Come watch the Cougars take on the Blue Devils of Warren in a college match format of singles and doubles.  While watching, please enjoy free hot dogs!  Matches start at 4:30 p.m.  (Gerber 4/30)

The LST L-Z Lost and Found will be cleared out on Monday, April 30, 2018.  Please come BEFORE Monday, April 30th to look for your lost belongings.  If you lost a cell phone, chrome book, or other electronics, please check with the Security Office.  All other items would be in the L-Z LST.  (Perkins 4/27)

This summer, learn how to make apps for your iPhones! In this boot camp we will create apps that can work on all IOS devices! July 2nd - July 12th, 2 week boot camp. Sign up through the summer school:  (Lueken 4/27)











































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