Web Publishing Standards

These guidelines contain resources and documents related to publishing on the Internet on the Community High School District 128 network. They define the roles of responsible participants from the district level to staff members who facilitate student publishers on the Web. Questions about these standards or updates should be directed to the Director of Communications, Mary Todoric, or the Educational Director of Technology, Mick Torres.

Community High School District 128 Mission Statement

The mission of Community High School District 128 is to provide quality educational opportunities for all students, including developing within each student:

  • An awareness and appreciation of the diverse cultures in our learning community and our world,
  • An ability to think critically and solve problems,
  • An ability to communicate effectively,
  • An ability to appreciate and demonstrate creativity,
  • A life-long desire to pursue knowledge.

Goals of the Community High School District 128 Website

  • To provide timely, supportive and educational information to the students, staff and the entire District 128 community.
  • To provide easy access to a wide variety of rich media and educational resources which directly support student achievement, professional development, and organizational effectiveness.
  • To provide a visual representation of an identifiable, shared online environment to which students, staff and the District 128 community can belong.

Organizational Responsibility for the District 128 Website

The maintenance, publication, and management of the District 128 website may be likened to the publication of a city newspaper, supervised by a managing editor who oversees the entire publication, yet relies on various departmental editors, writers, and specialists to conduct the activities which support the goals of the district. Thus, the District 128 Webmaster acts much like the Editor-in-Chief and has the following primary responsibilities:

  • Ensures that the district website is maintained and that all formal district web pages follow published guidelines and meet district goals.
  • Ensures that information complies with applicable legal requirements and District 128 polices on acceptable use, security and standards.
  • Generates and updates local home pages and other district web pages with current content.
  • Collaborates with instructional technology staff and district administrators on the generation of templates and oversees the development of style and content guidelines for official district web materials.
  • Collaborates with instructional technology staff and district administrators on the development of procedures for the placement and removal of web materials.

All official district material posted on the District 128 website must be posted by the District 128 Webmaster and those committees, or persons, given authority to do so by the District 128 Webmaster. The District 128 Webmaster serves as a member of the Computer Support Services department of District 128 under the supervision of the Director of Communications and the Educational Director of Technology.

District Policies and Administrative Regulations

All web publishing activities are governed by Board policies and administrative regulations which address technology, network, and acceptable computer use. All persons who have responsibilities for the publishing of web pages to the District 128 website must comply with the guidelines and policies outlined in this document.

Management and Training

All web publishing training is conducted in collaboration with the Staff Training and Renewal Support Committee. The development of staff training materials along with a schedule of workshops is the responsibility of the Staff Technology Trainer and is conducted as part of ongoing district staff development.

Web Publishing Standards

Material appropriate for placement on the District 128 website includes information about the District, department activities or services, teachers or classes, student projects, student co- curricular organizations and parent organizations. Educational resources for staff, students and the District 128 community may also be published online. Personal information, not related to the educational mission of the district, will not be allowed on the website.

All content published on the District 128 website must comply with the following:

  1. All publications must comply with all state, federal, and international laws concerning copyright, intellectual property rights, and legal uses of network computers.
  2.  All publications must comply with Board policies, administrative regulations, these Web Publishing Guidelines, and other District guidelines provided for specific content being published.
  3. All district web pages will reside on District 128 network servers.
  4. Web Publishing Standards:
    1. ‚ÄčAll district web pages should reflect standards of high quality in style, presentation, clarity, grammar, spelling and readability.
    2. All district web pages must coincide with the mission of the district. This means that all department, staff, community and student pages should clearly demonstrate the connections to educational projects, activities, and goals.
    3. All information that is published must be verifiable.
    4. Publications must include a statement of copyright when appropriate and indicate that permission has been secured when including copyrighted materials.
    5. All web pages should include navigation text which links the viewer back to the main page from the front page of any department’s, group’s or individual’s pages.
    6. Relevant referencing dates are required on all publications. Always list the last updated changes on dated materials.
    7. All publications must include the district email address of the adult maintaining the page. If a student is the publisher, the sponsoring staff member’s email must be included as the responsible person. No student email addresses, whether a personal or district account, may be listed on any web page. Only District 128 staff members may act as student sponsors.
    8. Commercial use for the pursuit of personal or financial gain is prohibited.
    9. Web pages shall not contain the personal address or phone number of students or staff members. Students’ full name may not be used unless otherwise authorized by an explicit parent permission process and signed form. The Director of Communications is to be contacted as the consultant in these kinds of special circumstances where awards or events warrant publicity of this nature.
    10. Web pages shall not display personally identifiable student pictures unless explicit parental permission has been granted by a parent’s signature on the District 128 Parent Permission for Publication of Student Photo form. It is required prior to publishing any identifying pictures of students. Each parent permission document must be retained on file as long as the student’s picture remains online.
    11. Any external web sites linked to must be specifically relevant to the district’s services, needs, or activities and be pre-approved by the Director of Communications.
    12. Where student pages are published, there must be an introduction written by the sponsoring staff member describing the intent of the web pages, accompanied by the district email address where that staff member can be reached.
    13. Maintenance of web pages authored directly by staff members or students is the responsibility of that staff member. If the publisher fails to manage and update his or her web pages in a timely and appropriate manner, the Webmaster reserves the right to remove the pages entirely.