The P/F option has been developed to encourage students to take more rigorous courses. By electing to take a course P/F, it is possible for students to experience a 
broader curriculum as part of their four-year program. 

For this request to be considered, students: 
• Must be enrolled in at least four other regularly graded academic courses,
• Must have completed Pass/Fail contract on file with their counselor by the end of Week 9/Progress Report 2 of a semester, and 
• Cannot use P/F for classes that are required for graduation.

Students who select the P/F option will be expected to meet all course requirements. Students will: 
• Attend and participate in class activities,  
• Complete all class assignments, and 
• Take the final examination for the class. 

Summary of Grades and Implications 


 Grade Recorded as Credit Computed for Honor Roll Computed in GPA


Yes  No



No Yes


District 128 will compute both a weighted and unweighted G.P.A. at the end of each semester and at the end of summer school.  The weighted G.P.A. will be calculated on Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School’s weighted grade system.  The unweighted G.P.A. will be calculated on Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School regular scale regardless of weighting.  Pluses (+) or minuses (-) are not computed into the grade-point average.
Grade point average is printed on the student report card each semester.  No rank will be calculated or posted on transcripts.
Graduates with a G.P.A. of 4.0 or better, calculated at the end of the 7th semester using either the weighted system or unweighted system will be designated as Honor Graduates. (Seniors who earn a G.P.A. of 4.0 or better after eight semesters, will receive an Honors Medallion after graduation and the posting of final grades).  

In an effort to improve communication with students and parents about student achievement, all teachers in District 128 use an electronic gradebook to post student progress to the Internet.  District 128 uses PowerSchool/PowerTeacher gradebook and the PowerSchool Parent Portal to do this.  Students and parents will receive a password to access student information such as attendance, current marks, fees and payments, GPA History, transcript history and schedule information.
Students and parents will receive four progress reports each semester – the first three will be posted to PowerSchool and the fourth will be posted to PowerSchool/PowerTeacher and sent home via mail.  Parents wanting hard copy of the first three progress reports can make their request through student services. Each progress report communicates a cumulative grade to date.  At eighteen (18) weeks a semester grade will be given based upon the cumulative eighteen week progress report (80% of the semester grade) and the final examination (20% of the semester grade).  Any exceptions to the 20% final exam must be approved by the department chairperson.

4.5 weeks

9 weeks 13.5 weeks

18 weeks

Report 1

- posted to 

Report 2

- posted to 

Report 3

- posted to 

Progress Report 4 (80%)
Final Exam Grade (20%)
= Semester Grade
- posted to PowerSchool and 
mailed home

    Semester Report Card

Dates for the four progress reports are listed in the school calendar online.  Final semester reports are usually mailed within one week of the date listed.  Student grades can be viewed from PowerSchool on the school’s website.  Following a progress report grade or final examination grade, a plus (+) or a minus (-) may be issued to serve as an additional indicator of student achievement.  Plusses and minuses will not be recorded when issuing semester grades.

Semester Report Grading Scale Percentage   Progress Report Grading Scale Percentage
A 90   A+ 97
B 80   A 93
C 70   A- 90
D 60   B+ 87
F Below 60   B 83
      B- 80
      C+ 77
      C 73
      C- 70
      D+ 67
      D 63
      D- 60
      F+ 57
      F Below 57

The following letter grades are issued:


Description Symbol



Superior Achievement P

Pass – credit awarded not computed into GPA


Above Average Achievement NG

Audit – no grade or credit awarded

C Average Achievement W

Withdrawn – no credit awarded

D Below Average Achievement WF

Withdrawn/Failing – computed into GPA

F Failing – no credit awarded EX

Exempt – no credit awarded

I Incomplete – no credit awarded MX

Medically excused – no credit awarded

R Course Repeated-1st grade replaced, not computed in GPA, no credit awarded    

If a student has an extended absence due to illness, or a pre-arranged absence, a grade of incomplete may be issued.  Course work must be completed by the end of the following nine week grading period or a failing grade may be issued.  This grade will be placed on the student’s permanent record and computed into the GPA.