(District 128 Board Policy 6:300)
Twenty-two (22) credits will be required for graduation, eighteen (18) of which must be from academic courses (everything except Physical Education and Driver Education).
To be a candidate for graduation, a student must have fourteen (14) credits at the end of the summer before their graduation year.
A student may enroll in and earn credit in a maximum of seven (7) academic classes plus Physical Education or Health/Driver Education each semester excluding summer school.  A maximum of 2 credits per year may be earned in Summer School.
The requirements listed below are minimum requirements for graduation from Libertyville and Vernon Hills High School. Graduation requirements should not be interpreted as admission requirements for colleges or universities.

Graduation requirements:

  • English – 4.0 credits total
  • Writing – 2.0 credits (One credit must be an English course and one credit may be English or any other subject defined as a writing intensive course.  Courses that award Writing credit are labeled Writing Intensive in the Passages curriculum guide.)
  • Mathematics – 3.0 credits (One credit must be Algebra I and one credit must include geometry content.)
  • Science – 2.0 credits
  • Social Studies – 2.0 credits, 1.0 credit must be U.S. History, 0.5 must be Government; 0.5 elective Social Studies credit.
  • Consumer Education – 0.5 credit
  • Health Education – 0.5 credit; students will be exempt from physical education for one semester while they are enrolled in Health.
  • 1.0 Credit from one of the following – CTE (Applied Technology, Business Education, Family and Consumer Science), Fine and Performing Arts (Art, Drama, Music), or World Languages.
  • Driver Education – 0.5 credit
  • Students will be exempt from Physical Education for a maximum of one semester while they are enrolled in Driver Education.
    • 30 clock hours of classroom instruction and 6 clock hours behind the wheel instruction are required for this course.  In order for a student to be eligible for Driver Education, he/she must have received a passing grade in at least eight academic courses during his/her previous two semesters.   
  • Physical Education – Taken every semester (0.5 credits per semester)
    • Must be taken and passed every semester of attendance unless a student is medically excused or exempt.  A maximum of four credits may be applied toward graduation.

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, filing one of the following: (1) a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the U.S Dept. of Education, (2) an application for State financial aid, or (3) an Ill. State Board of Education (ISBE) waiver form indicating that the student understands what these aid opportunities are and has chosen not to file an application. If the student is not at least 18 years of age or legally emancipated, the student’s parent/guardian must file one of these documents on the student’s behalf.

A student is exempt from the requirement if: (1) the student is unable to file a financial aid application or an ISBE waiver due to extenuating circumstances, (2) the Building Principal attests the District made a good faith effort to assist the student or the student’s parent/guardian with filing a financial aid application or an ISBE waiver form, and (3) the student has met all other graduation requirements