Online Coursework


Students may ask to take online coursework for credit recovery or enrichment/advancement opportunities. D128 recognizes Illinois Virtual School (IVS) as its primary provider of online high school curriculum. 

The following guidelines for internet courses apply:

  1. A course that is required for graduation cannot be taken as an online credit, unless approved by the principal. 
  2. Credit will be awarded upon successful completion. No more than 4.0 credits of online credit may be posted on the LHS/VHHS transcript.
  3. The online high school course must be approved by the administration prior to enrolling in the course. 
  4. Course credit limitations apply. Students may enroll in up to 6 academic classes plus Physical Education each semester. Students may get the principal’s approval to take up to 7 academic classes plus Physical Education. During the summer, a student may earn up to 2.0 credits. 
  5. How grades for online credit will be posted on D128 transcripts will be based on several factors.
  6. All online coursework will be noted as transfer credit.

How to sign up a student for an IVS course: See Counselor