It is the school’s philosophy that students select their courses, not their teachers.  However, there are instances where a change of teacher might be necessary.  A request to change a teacher will be considered providing:

  1. The school counselor receives a written request from parents/guardian indicating either this student or a sibling had the teacher for a class previously and the reason they are requesting a different teacher.  A copy of the written request will be forwarded to the appropriate Department Chairperson.
  2. The request is made prior to the beginning of each semester.
  3. There is space available in another teacher’s class.

Requests to change a teacher might be made at other times of the year or for other reasons than specified above.  A parent, a teacher or a member of the student’s Learning Support Team can initiate these requests.  In these cases, the Department Chairperson, after consultation with the concerned teacher, and appropriate LST members, will make a recommendation to the building principal.  


High school course selection is an important process, which requires serious planning and decision-making for both students and parents.  Students are given ample time during the preceding spring to choose their courses for the next school year.  The school’s Master Schedule is built upon these choices.  Financial and space constraints do not allow flexibility to grant requests to change courses.  Students must be enrolled in at least five academic classes plus physical education/drivers education/health.
A sixth academic course may be dropped. Please refer to the following policy notes:

  • If a course is dropped by the second progress report of the semester, no entry is made on the permanent record indicating the student was enrolled.
  • If a course is dropped after the second progress report of the semester, the course is recorded on the student’s permanent record with a notation of either WP (withdrawn passing), WF (withdrawn failing), or MX (medically excused).
  • A grade of W or MX is not computed the student’s grade-point average.
  • A grade of WF is considered the same as a semester failure in computing the grade-point average.

All schedule adjustments must be completed prior to the start of the school year.  Schedule changes after the first semester begins will be limited to necessary academic circumstances.  Failing a prerequisite course, needing a required course for high school graduation, or making a change in the level of instruction, are examples of necessary changes.
Second semester schedule adjustments can be made before the end of the 1st semester.  Once the 2nd semester begins, schedule changes will be limited to necessary academic circumstances only.
Students who decide to drop a class after the billing date will not receive a refund.


Some courses at Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School are offered at more than one ability level.  Ability grouping allows students to proceed at different paces according to their ability levels to master course content.
Students are placed in the various levels of these subjects based on recommendations of departments.  If a student and teacher feel that performance could be more effective at a different level, a change of levels can be made (class size permitting).  For this request to be considered, students must request the level adjustment form from their counselor, after a discussion with their teacher and possibly the department chairperson.