The classes taken at the Technology Campus (TC) are part of the academic program.  District 128 and TC policies and rules apply while students are in school, on school grounds or in transit between campuses.
When the TC is in session and District 128 is not, bus transportation will not be available to TC students at the usual time.  Students are not required to attend TC and may not drive to TC without parent, District 128 Administrator, and TC permission.
When TC is not in session, students will be expected to arrive at school in time for their District 128 classes.  Students must sign in when arriving at school in the attendance office.
On Late Start Days students will leave for TC at the normal time.  There will be bus transportation provided to get students to District 128 and then to TC.  Students from District 128 are not required to attend TC during exam week and will not be penalized by the TC.