3D Courses

3D Introduction to Art is a survey course that introduces the disciplines of ceramics, jewelry, fiber, sculpture, and design. The course emphasizes the materials, techniques, processes, history, and language of art. This course is the recommended foundation for future 3D art courses in the department.

Ceramics Studio emphasizes the elements of design relating to ceramic techniques. This course will include techniques of hand building, decoration and sculptural forms. In addition, historical forms in ceramics will be studied to aid in developing aesthetic awareness of the possibilities and limitations of this medium.

Ceramics Studio Extended Study allows the individual student the opportunity to study various techniques, cultures, clays or processes in-depth. The student and instructor, outlining responsibilities and expectations, agree upon an individual course of study.

Jewelry Metalsmithing Studio encourages students to examine metal as a creative medium. Students will learn basic metalsmithing techniques including soldering, piercing, riveting, forming, stone setting and enameling. These techniques will be used to create original designs. Projects will include wearable, sculptural and/or functional objects such as rings, pendants, and containers. Project designs will be inspired through research including field trips to exhibitions.

Jewelry Metalsmithing Extended Study allows highly motivated Jewelry students the opportunity to pursue more complex pieces and more advanced techniques. Each student will complete an individual contract detailing expectations and focus of the studies.