Drivers Education Program

Driver Education is a three phase program that consists of classroom, simulation and behind the wheel (BTW). All phases are closely integrated. Sophomores who enroll in Driver Education for the first time will be exempt from Physical Education during that semester. If a student needs to take Driver Education again, he or she must also take Physical Education during the same semester. The classroom phase is required for every student for graduation. Students will receive a minimum of 30 hours of instruction within the semester.

The curriculum includes: basic handling of a vehicle, defensive driving techniques, attitudes and emotions, handling a vehicle in adverse conditions, buying/maintaining and insuring a vehicle, the effects of drugs, alcohol, various forms of distracted driving including cell phones and other audio devices and how they relate to operating a vehicle and current state laws.

The behind the wheel phase must be successfully completed along with the other two phases in order for a student to be eligible to receive a license. This phase of Driver Education will include over 4 hours of in the vehicle instruction. A student must hold a valid Illinois State permit for a minimum of 9 months, complete Driver Education and turn 16 years of age prior to applying for an Illinois State license.

The simulation phase of Driver Education is an integral part of the behind the wheel phase. The Simulation lab offers students an opportunity to develop the practical aspects of driving a motorized vehicle in a safe environment. These simulated experiences provide greater exposure to a variety of driving situations that, due to time and conditional restraints, are often not able to be duplicated during the behind the wheel phase of Driver Education.