2022 Track and Field

Track and Field

1st Day of Practice: 01/31/23. Practice will be held on every school day 3:50-6:00 (unless noted from your position coach)

Indoor Season: TBD (Check with your position coach. We meet in different locations.)

Outdoor Season: LHS Stadium/Track (Distance, Sprints, Jumpers, Vaulters), Throwers will meet with Coach Glover

Parent Meeting: 2/18/23 8:50 a.m 

Pictures: 2/18/23 9:30 A.M. in the West Gym

UNIFORM RETURN: In a paper bag with NAME on it to Coach Mendelsohn's office.

LHS Track & Field Mission:

The Libertyville High School Athletic Program will promote the DARING mission of District 128 by providing our student-athletes the opportunities to reach their potential as responsible and productive citizens. This is accomplished by fostering a culture of success with an emphasis on academic, athletic, social and personal development.

LHS Team Expectations For Success: PROGRAM

Passion (Choosing to sacrifice your time and comfort in order to achieve something important to you)

Respect (Treating others how you would like to be treated; teammates, coaches, other teams, officials, parents, yourself)

One (Team > Teammate > Self; our TEAM is what makes us great, not one individual)

Grit (Being courageous and pushing through discomfort; being comfortable being uncomfortable)

Reliability (Being someone others can trust and rely on to be their best everyday)

Accountability (Being able to take responsibility for your actions and being able to hold others to their best)

Mindfulness (Being aware of the present moment; calmly acknowledging your emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations)

These core values are non-negotiable.

LHS Travel Policy to and from Athletic Events

"All athletes are to ride the bus to and from away meets. This is part of belonging to the team.  Occasionally athletes may ride home with their own parents at the completion of the meet. Parents need to sign out their sons on the “sign out” sheet.  No LHS T&F athlete is allowed to leave the meet with a parent until the conclusion of the meet. The last event is the 4x400m relay."

Cheer on your teammates!

Expectations for Running Outdoors 

  1. Cold weather for T&F is considered below 40 degrees, which requires warm clothes
  2. Warm and reflective clothes are needed to run outdoors (L/S Shirts, Sweat pants, Hats, Gloves, etc.)
  3. Run on sidewalks when possible, no more than 2 runners abreast while running in the roadway.
  4. When running on the street, run on the left side so you can see oncoming traffic.
  5. Never run alone and always know and follow the route.
  6. Earbuds and music devices are not permitted while running at practice.

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