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Girl's Volleyball Player/Parent Handbook

CONGRATS!!  You have been selected to represent Libertyville High School as a member of the girls’ volleyball teams.  It is extremely difficult to be chosen as a WILDCAT volleyball player.  Now is the time to get down to business and challenge ourselves to combine hard work, commitment, dedication, skill improvement, game strategies, team unity, and fun for a successful season.

Team Coach Contact information


Greg Loika


Assistant Varsity:

Jenny Smith


Adam Stuart


Katti Bachar

Loretta O'Dea


Jorge Tamayo

Katie Hoover

Levels and Home Sites

Varsity--------------West Gym

JV--------------------Main Gym or West Gym

Precede Varsity in Main Gym for non-conference, West Gym for conference matches.

Sophomore---------Main or West Gym

Sophomore play in Main Gym during Conference matches.  West Gym during non-conference matches at home.

Freshman Black---------------Main Gym

Freshman Orange---------------Main Gym

If JV plays a home game, Frosh A (WG) and B (Field house) will both play at 6:00 pm.

If there is not a JV game, Frosh A will play at 5:00 pm with Frosh B to follow.


Using volleyball to teach life skills and create exceptional, well-rounded young ladies. Leadership, strong work ethic, humility, teamwork, creativity, communication, grace, resiliency, community service and respect are just some of the skills we hope your daughter will acquire during her time in the Wildcat Volleyball program.

Team Philosophies


Athletes will be placed on the Frosh A (Black) or Frosh B (Orange) team as the conference recognizes 2 levels.  Athletes may be moved between either team during the season if team needs dictate such a move and it is in the best interest of the athlete(s).  Emphasis is placed on the development of individual skill, team game strategy, designation of role or position players, and team unity among all frosh players.  Playing time is determined by practice, position and leadership on the court.  While equal playing time is difficult to achieve in the game of volleyball, all athletes will compete equitably.        


Specific player positions or roles are emphasized.  The athletes begin to see the importance of a starting line-up and substitutions.  Emphasis is placed on individual skill improvement, team offensive and defensive game strategies, communication on the court, and team unity.  Playing time is determined by practice, position, skill, and leadership on the court.  Competition time will be equitable, not equal based on the above factors.  While every effort is made to get all athletes into a match on a given day, not all athletes will compete in every match, every day.

Junior Varsity

Specific player positions or roles are designated.  Emphasis is placed on refining individual skills, advanced team offensive and defensive game strategies, communication on the court, and teamwork.  The JV level allows players to gain experience throughout the season and preparation for the varsity level.  Some athletes will compete sparingly during match play based on depth chart at their position and individual skill.


Specific player positions or roles are designated.  A starting line-up with specific substitutions is established.  Emphasis is placed on refining individual skills, advanced team offensive and defensive game strategies, communication on the court, and team unity.  Playing time is determined by practice, position, skill, and leadership on the court.  The best combination of position athletes receive the most court time in match and tournament play.  Some athletes will see minimal game time throughout the season, their role in practice and as teammates however is invaluable and equally important for the success of the team.

**Parents, if your athlete has a question about playing time, please encourage your daughter to talk to their coach personally.  It is an important life skill we are teaching our athletes about self-advocacy and giving them the opportunity to find out first hand what skills they need to improve on in order to see more court time.  If the first conversation is between coach and parent, we have lost this teachable moment.  These conversations should occur after or before practice, not on days of tournaments and matches.   

Practice Schedules

Generally, daily practices are conducted from 3:00 to 5:30 P.M.  Saturday practice times are determined by each coach but generally will begin between 7 and 11AM.  Coaches will inform their athletes if a practice schedule is changed.  Coaches will be getting comprehensive calendars to their players and their calendars will be posted on the website when they are set.

Practice Locations

Varsity practices in the Main Gym.

JV practices in the Main Gym or Field House.

Sophomores practice in the Field House or Main Gym.

Freshmen practice in the West Gym.

*consult your athletes schedule from their coach for specific times and locations of practice/match play on any given day


All athletes requiring a ride after away matches should be picked up by the music wing entrance where the busses will drop our teams. Please do not pick up your daughter at another entrance.  Parents, please contact your daughter after away matches if you are running late so she can let the coach know when they will be picked up.  Typically they will phone when the bus is 15 minutes from returning to the school.

All athletes will ride the bus home to the school after away matches and tournaments. Exceptions will rarely be made - except in the case of illness, injury, or at the discretion of the varsity coach only, advance notice will berequired in those cases excluding injury or illness. Please do not ask the day of a game to take your daughter home for a family event as you have put the coach in an awkward position where they will have to say no. These are athletic department policies that we as coaches and a program must adhere to.  Exceptions will be made in advance in the case of a match falling on the night of the homecoming dance – details will be provided in the years this circumstance occurs.


You are responsible for your uniform and all other equipment issued to you.  School issued uniforms/warm-ups are to be worn only during game competition.  Athletes are expected to return their uniform and warm-ups on the day designated by your coach.  All uniforms will be collected by your coach at the end of the season.  If you fail to turn in your uniform on time or the warm-up/uniform is damaged, you will be issued a fine slip to cover the cost of replacement.


As a member of the volleyball program, you are expected to attend and help at tournaments that other levels are hosting (i.e. freshmen may work a JV Invitational).  Your coach will inform you the tournaments you will be assigned to work and which you must attend as a spectator.  Saturdays will typically be filled each weekend with practice, a tournament, or watching fellow Wildcats competing.  Players attend these tournaments in order to support their sister Wildcats, as well as to have the opportunity to see advanced volleyball skills at other levels.  It is an expectation that players are present for these events as if their own team was competing.  Most tournaments last from approximately 9AM until 3PM or so.

Varsity State Playoffs:  All players will support the Varsity team during the playoffs until the conclusion of the season.  A bus will be available to transport the lower levels to any road playoff contests.  You may be assigned to keeping stats or video taping or simply be there to support your fellow Wildcats.

Athletic Training

Mr. Ron Russ is the LHS head athletic trainer.  If you are injured during volleyball season, the athletic trainers will evaluate and treat the injury.  In order to see the athletic trainers, you must inform your coach and an accident form needs to be completed if injured during practice.  Trainers will communicate with athletes and parents regarding treatment and return of athletes when they are healthy.  Your coach will strictly adhere to the advice of the athletic trainers. A player who sustains a suspected concussion during play, will not be allowed to return to the game or practice until cleared by the athletic trainer and/or medical doctor.


Players must attend all practices and all matches.  If you do not attend school, you are not allowed to practice or play in the match.  If you are home sick, please call or email to notify the coach you will not be at practice or the match, it is the player’s responsibility to inform the coach when they will not be present, have an appointment, or are ill so the coach can alter the practice plans.  Again this is one of those life skills we are aiming to build in terms of being good time managers, conscientious team members, and solid communicators.

NOTE:  You must be in attendance for at least four classes to participate in practice or compete in a contest that day.

Attendance at school and practice the day before a contest and/or tournament is required.  Exceptions are made on a case by case basis; however, continued and repeated illness the day prior to competitions may result in an athlete being withheld from that competition at the discretion of their level coach or the varsity head coach.    

Excused absences include illness, injury, prearranged college visits, doctor appointments that cannot otherwise be scheduled, drivers education, and as determined by the head coach.  Absences for other reasons must be cleared by the level and varsity coach, and may not be excused.

Unexcused absences from practice and absences that are not reported to the coach prior to practice time in a timely manner will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the coach and reviewed by the varsity head coach.  These types of absences may result in loss of competition time as determined by the coach, and more than four (4) unexcused or unreported absences may result in dismissal from the team or other disciplinary action as determined by the varsity and level coach.    

An unexcused absence from a working or spectator role during tournament play is the same as missing a practice or match and will be dealt with following the above stated guidelines.  

Dress Policy

All athletes will dress nicely for game days, unless otherwise arranged by coach.  For some home contests, players may be allowed to wear jersey, team shirt, warm-ups etc.  These dates will be designated by the athletes coach.

Appropriate dress for contests include the following:

Dress slacks, khakis, skirts, dresses, blouse, dressy shorts.

The spirit of the dressing policy is to promote the sport, respect the opponent, team unity, and promote a positive, professional image for the program.  If you question whether your attire supports these objectives, it probably should not be worn.  All attire will strictly adhere to the school dress code as well.  Your attire not only says something about you, but also about the Wildcat Volleyball program.

Items that should not be worn on game days:

T-shirts, shorts, jeans, jean skirts, jean shorts, tank tops, sweats, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.

Athletes who do not follow the dress code during game days are subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of their level coach.

Warm-ups may be worn home on the bus from road contests, we will not change back into dress attire.

Saturday tournament attire is casual – warm-ups and jerseys may be worn to the contest.


  1. Varsity Letters will be awarded to a girl who

    • completes the season and participates in 1/2 of the varsity matches.

    • completes the season, attends all practices and contributes to the team in spirit and hustle.

    • by the discretion of the coach (i.e. injury) would have earned the award.

    • Sophomores/freshmen who fulfill the varsity requirement will receive the varsity letter.  Note:  If the freshmen athlete has not earned her numeral from participating in another sport, she will be given her numerals in June.

  2. Lower Level Letters will be awarded to all JV or sophomore athletes who are members of the JV or Sophomore team, complete the season in goodstanding and attend all practices.  If an athletes has already earned a lower level letter, she will receive a certificate.

  3. Freshmen Numerals will be awarded to all freshmen who complete the season in good standing and attend all practices.  Note:  Freshmen who compete at a higher level and fulfill the requirements will receive a lower level letter or Varsity letter.

Academic Eligibility

In order to be eligible to compete, you must be passing 4 academic classes weekly.  Physical Education does not count as a class.  Your success in the classroom is extremely important and the priority over volleyball.  If an athlete is in danger of being academically ineligible it may affect her court time and practice time at the discretion of the coach in order to focus her efforts on academics.

Parent Expectations

We can only have a successful student activity fund which helps to offset the costs of things like team shirts, summer clinics and leagues, and other team equipment with your generous help in staffing our concession stand and assisting your daughter in fundraising.

We graciously ask that each family donate at least two hours staffing our concession stands during match and tournament play throughout the season.  We are able to set up a schedule that typically allows parents to work the concession during the opposite match in which your athlete might play.  (JV parents work during varsity match and vice versa)  A parent concession manager can help the program keep an eye on inventory and cash flow so that we can be sure the concession stand is set to sell a great deal of merchandise for the program (order pizzas, subs, etc.)

During the season, we will participate in a Volley for the Cure match in which we will need a great deal of your support to fundraise for breast cancer research and the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation.  In years past we have raised upwards of $7500, however this comes at a great cost of the efforts of all of our volleyball families, athletes, and coaches.  We hope you will willingly assist your daughter in her fundraising efforts and in the additional help we need on the nights leading up to that special event.   

Player Expectations

  1. You are expected to help take equipment out, set up the net, take down the net, and put equipment away every day.  This is a team responsibility.

  2. You are expected to follow all school rules.  It is up to your coach and school policy as to the disciplinary action that will be taken when a school rule is violated.       

  3. You are expected to abide by the athletic code.   Your signature means a commitment to the code.  Parents, coaches, and players share the responsibility of good decision making.  Don’t let yourself, teammates, family, and coaches down!

  4. You are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times!

Volleyball players are role models, and as a Wildcat you are expected to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Below is a brief summary of points of emphasis of the Code of Conduct:

The Athletic Code of Conduct, adopted by Community High School District #128, is for all athletes, cheerleaders, pom-poms, club sports, and team managers.  Our entire Athletic Department is committed to enforcing the code of conduct.  Participation in the athletic programs at Libertyville High School is a privilege.

The athletic code record and consequences are cumulative beginning with the student athlete and parents signing of this code and continuing throughout the athlete’s entire high school career.  These policies are in effect on or off campus throughout the entire calendar year, including weekends and summer, and do not supersede District #128 school disciplinary policies.

Violations can include:


Exhibit gross misconduct or behavior/citizenship that is considered detrimental to his/her team or school.  Student-athlete behaviors must be in compliance with acceptable standards of conduct as per the current edition of the Student/Parent Handbook.  Some examples of inappropriate behavior may include, but are not limited to illegal acts, theft, fighting, vandalism, aiding and abetting, lying to school officials, falsifying information/signatures on permit or permission forms, hazing, bullying, or intimidating acts.  Maintaining or being identified on a blog site which depicts illegal or inappropriate behavior will be considered a violation of this code. The athlete will be suspended from 10% - 40% of his/her current sport season or the first scheduled sport in which the individual participates.

Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol

Tobacco/tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or any form of a controlled substance (drugs, drug/look-alikes, drug paraphernalia) other than those prescribed by a physician for that student.  The athlete will be suspended for 40% of the contests in his/her current sport season or the first scheduled sport in which the individual participates. The athlete and parents/guardians may enroll in an educational program which would result in a 30% suspension of the contests/competitions.

In the event of a violation, a meeting will be held to discuss the violation.  The meeting will include the athlete, parents/guardians, director/administrator, and include coach/advisor/sponsor/SAP Coordinator, and other pertinent people involved with the alleged violation.

Athletes can self report, which entails an athlete or parent voluntarily admitting an athletic code violation to the Athletic Director.  Self-reporting may be used one time only in the athlete’s entire high school career and only with regard to a first violation.  An athlete cannot self-report an incident which the school already has or will become aware of, or shall be informed of, by other means, including but not limited to, notification by judicial or law enforcement agencies.  Athletes who self-report will be subject to a 20% loss of contests in their current season or the first sport in which they participate.  Self-reporting of a first offense will not be recorded as a violation provided the individual maintains behaviors consistent with expectations/standards of the current Student/Parent Handbook and remains in compliance with CHSD 128 rules and policies for a full calendar year from the date of the initial reporting.

Two violations of the athletic code will result in total exclusion from interscholastic athletics at Community High School District #128 for the remainder of his/her high school career.  However, the athlete may petition, in writing, to the Athletic Director for reinstatement to the athletic program, providing that at least one calendar year of suspension has been completed from the date of the second infraction.

Upholding the code of conduct is all of our responsibilities, please help our athletes make good decisions by encouraging and rewarding positive choices and discouraging risky ones.

Final Notes

We wish all of our teams a great season, and if you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to let one of our coaches know they are doing a great job, please feel free to contact them or me anytime.  We want to make this the best season of volleyball for your daughters but we couldn’t do any of it without your support.  Thank you so very much.