North Suburban Conference Sportsmanship Award

      Beginning in the 2011 season, each North Suburban Conference School (NSC), in each sport, will name a team’s Sportsmanship Award winner, an athlete who is very dedicated to their sport while best representing the true meaning of sportsmanship.  The winners are recognized with a medal, awarded at the Winter Sports Awards night

      The nominees from each sport will be selected by their teammates by utilizing the following criteria .  .  .

   1.  The athlete accepts and understands the seriousness of their responsibility, and the privilege of representing their school and community.

   2.  The athlete treats opponents the way they would like to be treated as a guest or friend.

   3.  The athlete never directs remarks at opponents in a taunting manner.

   4.  The athlete wishes opponents good luck before the game and congratulates them in a sincere manner following either victory or defeat.

   5.  The athlete respects the integrity and judgment of the game officials.

   6.  The athlete plays unselfishly in such a way as to build up their team, without drawing unnecessary attention to him/her.

   7.  The athlete yields to the authority and direction of all floor officials, bench officials, school personnel and coaches.

      The following wrestlers are the Libertyville Wrestling North Suburban Conference Sportsmanship Award winners .  .  .


2022 NSC Sportsmanship Award: 

Josh Knudten

   In addition to being our program's first State Champion in 31 years, Josh was humble in victory, gracious in each of his few losses.  He was very supportive of our younger wrestlers, offering them advice and consolation in defeats.  He finished the season 41-3, 102-24 for his career.  His 27 pins this season ranks him #3 on the All-Time Libertyville Wrestling list.  His 54 career pins ties him at #4 All-Time.  He will be wrestling for Michigan University next year.



2021 NSC Sportsmanship Award Winner: Wrestler

Chase Baczek

   Chase was our star in 2021.  He finished 31-2 for the season, 97-25 for his career.  He won the Regionals, won the Sectionals, and finished 2nd in State.  He made his second All-Conference team.  He was also a great sport and team leader.  He will be wrestling for Wabash College next season.





2020 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Dane Whitney

Dane was in his second season on varsity, going up one or two weight classes as needed.  He won 17 matches this season.






2019 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Bennett Whitney

Bennett Whitney was a three year starter at 170.  He finished 22-17 this year and finished 4th in the Regionals.  He was an All-Conference Honorable Mention.  He was also the Team Commitment Award winner.  



Tyler Padilla2018 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Tyler Padilla

      Tyler Padilla was a 4 year varsity starter, our 152 pound starter his senior year.  He finished his career 84-56 with two All-County finishes and 2 All-Conference Honorable Mention finishes.  




Jack Damenti2017 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Jack Damenti

      Jack was a 3 year starter, finishing his career at 152.  He was two time All-Conference, two time Sectional Qualifier, and a State Qualifier his senior year when he finished one match out of first place.  He finished his career with an 87-48 record.  He was voted the team's Most Valuable Wrestler.  He went to the Colorado School of Mines and wrestled five years for their team.



Brian Vickers2016 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Brian Vickers

      Brian was in his first year as a varsity starter, up at 160 from his 152 weight class.  He had 13 wins.  He was voted as one of the team's "Most Improved" Wrestlers.







Joey Gunther2015 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Joey Gunther

      In addition to being the team's top wrestler (two time All-Stater, 6th in 2014, 2nd in 2015), Joey was very even keeled in victory and in (the few) defeat.  He finished his career with a 104-17 record, going 160 his senior year.  He was named the team's "Most Valuable Wrestler" his senior year.  He wrestled two years for the University of Iowa, qualifying for the NCAA Tournament both years.  He transferred to the University of Illinois his junior and senior years, qualifying for the NCAA Tournament both years.    





Austin Koziol2014 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Austin Koziol

      Austin was a 3 year varsity starter, finishing his career at 182.  He was a three time Sectional Qualifier, a two time State Qualifier, finishing his career at 77-41.







Joey Nield2013 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Joey Nield

      Joey was in his first year as a varsity starter at 182.  He finished as All-Conference and second in the Regionals to qualify for Sectionals.  His record for the year was 21-13.








Charlie Meyer2012 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Charlie Meyer

      Charlie  finished his career 68-48 as a two year starter, finishing his career at 132.  He was two time All-Conference and a two time Sectional Qualifier.







Pat Regan

2011 NSC Sportsmanship Award:

Pat Regan

      Pat finished his first year as a full time starter, winning 16 matches at 140, up a weight from his natural 135.