Generation Wildcat Turnabout Dance Tickets & Information

Generation Wildcat Turnabout Dance Tickets & Information

LHS Turnabout Dance Details

Tickets are still available for the Turnabout dance.  Students and parents have the link in their email for ticket purchases.  These will be available until the end of the day Friday, February 21st.  Tickets at the door will be $30 a person.  Students bringing a non-LHS student to the dance will have a special authorized link in their email to purchase the guest ticket once approved.  This MUST be purchased by Friday.  No guest tickets will be sold at the door without prior approval.

Purchasing LHS Student Tickets: You will need the student ID # and student’s last name (spelled correctly) that you wish to buy a ticket for in order to sign in. Add to cart and checkout. 

If you need to purchase a second ticket. Please re-sign in using the second student’s ID # and last name. You will need to check out separately for each ticket purchased. 

Tickets must be purchased on the 5star store by Friday, February 21st at noon by visiting this 5starstudent link. 

Libertyville High School Turnabout Dance Guest Application for Non-LHS Student

Guest requests must be approved and signed by the Team Leader by end of day Tuesday, February 18th.  Once you get your guest pass approved by the LST, go online to buy your tickets!

Libertyville High School allows an LHS student to bring one guest who does not attend LHS to the Turnabout Dance on Saturday, February 22nd provided that this form is completed in full and approved by the LHS students’ dean.  Guests must be at least a freshman in high school, and no one over the age of 20 will be allowed to attend. The guest must also present a picture ID (School ID, Driver’s License, state ID) to attend the event. LHS has the right to decline attendance request of any non-LHS guest for any reason.

You can download and print the Guest Application for Non-LHS Students here