2021 Yearbook Senior Tribute Information

Libertyville High School Front

Libertyville High School Front

An email was recently sent to the parents/guardians of the 2021 senior class providing Senior Tribute Information.

In the 2021 yearbook, the Nautilus staff would like to continue the tradition of including senior tributes. We are excited about the chance to acknowledge your child's success in graduating. We are only offering this to the parents/guardians of the 2021 senior class. During these unprecedented times, we would like to see every senior receive a special message. This year we will only be charging $10, so we hope you take advantage of this opportunity. 

Specifically, the tributes found in the 2021 yearbook will:

  • cover 1/8 of the page
  • include a brief message
  • appear in full color
  • include a photograph of the graduate (we encourage the use of baby pictures, but choose any picture that is special to you

Message details:
1/8 page:  $10.00

Libertyville High School Senior Tribute Example

Due: December 6th, 2020

Payment: pay online with a credit card or check

How to submit online:
Go to:

  1. www.yearbookordercenter.com
  2. Enter order number 8785
  3. Click Create a Yearbook Ad
  4. Do not click "Upload Photos for the yearbook via eShare"
  5. You will upload your photos as directed during the ad creation process
  6. Follow the prompts to design your ad
  7. Add it to your cart and purchase it
  8. Your ad is not complete until you add it to your cart and complete the checkout process!

Refer to the email you received for the support video links.

Tech Support: Contact Herff Jones Technical Support at 877-362-7750

*SENIOR TRIBUTES will be accepted on a space available basis. When space runs out, or we reach our plant deadline, we can no longer accept ads, so make sure to get your ad in early! No ads will be accepted after December 6th, 2020.

Nautilus Senior Tributes Restrictions and Conditions

Nautilus is the Libertyville High school yearbook and part of our school curriculum. In conjunction with the District 128 School Board, the following restrictions and conditions apply:

  1. Nautilus will not accept tributes from anyone other than the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of seniors in recognition of their child's graduation.
  2. Nautilus will not accept tributes that are meant to recognize anyone other than the graduate.
  3. Nautilus will offer tributes in one, standard size only.
  4. Nautilus will not accept tributes that send a negative connotation to any party.
  5. Nautilus will not accept tributes that encompass such topics as drugs or alcohol, religious institutions or political groups, and firearms or products deemed to endanger  public safety.
  6. Nautilus reserves the right to reject any tribute from any party at any time with approval from the administration. 
  7. At any time, Nautilus may recommend to the administration changing it's procedure.

Please consider the following: The senior tribute program is a fundraising activity designed and run by high school students entirely. The Nautilus staff will work hard to try to produce the best product possible. With that in mind, please note that as this is being managed by high school students, there is always the possibility of error. No refunds will be given. Thank you for understanding and for your support of the LHS yearbook.

Questions: Contact Nautilus Staff at yearbook@lhswildcats.org