Textbook/Equipment Collection for Semester Courses

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First semester courses will end next week on Wednesday, January 13th and we need students from semester courses to return their textbooks and any supplies that were issued. Please consult with your teachers to confirm what textbooks or materials need to be returned. 


LHS Textbook / Equipment Collection for Semester Courses

What: All textbooks/equipment from semester courses. Please check with your teachers to confirm what needs to be returned

When: January 11th - January 15th from 8:00 am - 3:30 pm  every day

Where: Pool Door P10 (West Side of LHS by Pool and West Gym)

Why: We need to collect semester course textbooks and equipment so this material can be reissued to new students next semester

How: Please bring all textbooks/equipment in a labeled bag (Student Name, Course, Teacher Name) to Pool Door P10 to be collected