Ally Able

Niki Alyari

Ava Birmingham

Megan Blakeman

Grace Booth

Jessica Brown

Katherine Caronis

Chloe Cashman

Samantha Chen

Katarina Christofalos

Olivia Davoux

Maeve Devaney

Jana Dziki

Olivia Flayter

Yvie Gaiden

Rachel Hogarty

Lauren Klainos

Megan LaCrosse

Bibi Lausch

Nadia Lausch

Reeve Lounsbury

Brooke Lutes

Maggie Malloy

Ceci Marx

Saige Marselle

Liv Martin

Macyn Maslic

Ryan McGrory

Emily McLean

Annie McNett

Caroline Mitchell

Jozie Mitran

Danielle Morgan

Abby Muller

Ellie Perrone

Contessa Prinz

Megan Renalds

Hannah Romie

Rosemary Scarpelli

Olivia Schiff

Cami Seiler

Ella Shamloo

Priyanka Somani

Sophia Thedos

Sofie Vojvodic

Sarah Wolter

Marcie Wright

Vanessa Zhang

Cara Ziemnisky

Jenna Ziemnisky

Breck ZumBrunnen

Thank you to all the dancers who auditioned. We were very impressed by the talent, creativity, passion, and courage demonstrated at this year's auditions. If your name is listed above, please check your email for an important message from Mrs. Brown. If you are not on the list for this year, we hope that you continue dancing and that we see you at auditions next year!