Academic Information


A student may request to take a course on an audit basis by the 2nd progress mark period of the semester.  For this request to be considered, a student must be enrolled in at least five other regularly-graded academic courses and have a completed audit contract on file with their counselor.
When a course that is being taken on an audit basis is successfully completed, the class will be posted on the student’s transcript with a grade of “NG”.  No credit will be awarded for a class taken on an audit basis.


Some courses at LHS are offered at more than one ability level.  Ability grouping allows some students to proceed at an accelerated pace, while allowing others to proceed at a slower pace while receiving more individualized attention.
Students are placed based on recommendations of the departments.  If a student and teacher feel that the student could perform more effectively at a different level, a change of level can be made, class size permitting.
For this request to be considered, a student must request the “level adjustment form” from their counselor.


Students are initially classified according to the year they enter school.  Students will be freshman during their first year in high school and sophomores during their second year in high school.  Students will become juniors during their third year in high school if they have completed a minimum of 10.0 credits.  Students will be classified as seniors during their fourth year of high school if they have completed a minimum of 14.0 credits.  Students may opt to graduate before their senior year if all graduation requirements are met.  Students may petition the principal to waive prerequisite courses if special needs are identified.



In certain cases, students may be allowed to participate in online coursework for credit recovery and in some cases, acceleration and enrichment, through an approved educational institution.  Please discuss this with your counselor, there are restrictions upon online coursework.  Prior approval is required before enrolling in any on-line coursework.


Students must enroll in at least five academic classes plus physical education or health/driver education to be considered a full time student at LHS.  If a student drops a fifth academic class, he/she will receive a failing grade in that class and not be considered a full time student.  Students may enroll in and earn credit in six or seven academic classes plus physical education or health/driver education.  A maximum of one (1) credit may be earned during any one summer.  Courses taken at location other than District 128 must receive approval by the administration prior to the start of the course.  Students wishing to enroll in more than six (6) academic classes should discuss their wishes with their counselor.


LHS, District #128, is committed to the idea of providing a program, which will meet the unique educational needs, interests, abilities, and aspirations of each of its students.  To help accomplish this goal, three levels of academic instruction have been developed.
1.    Advanced Placement courses are highly challenging courses with expectations that students will work independently and demonstrate high levels of critical and analytical thinking, reading, and writing.  The textbooks and materials used are above grade level or at college level.  The goal of the course is to prepare the student for the Advanced Placement exam, which may permit a student to receive college credit and/or placement.
2.    Honors courses demand high levels of cognitive and problem-solving processes and independent work.  A rigorous instructional pace allows for both curricular depth and enrichment.  These courses prepare students for college work and future study in Advanced Placement courses.
3.    Regular courses provide instruction to develop skills that allow concentration on acquisition and application of new knowledge.  These courses prepare students for college work or other post-secondary options.

The following indicates the weighted grading scale:
    A.P.    Honors    Regular
    A - 5.0    A - 4.5    A - 4.0
    B - 4.0    B - 3.5    B - 3.0
    C - 3.0    C - 2.5    C - 2.0
    D - 2.0    D - 1.5    D - 1.0


Link Crew is a yearlong transition program which facilitates the transition to high school for incoming freshman.  Students will be assigned to Link Crew 2 days a week during half of their lunch hour-either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.  Link Crew provides a structure which guides students toward both academic and social success. Through the use of kinesthetic learning activities, Link Crew will focus on the following topics: 

  • acclimating to the high school environment
  • building connections with students and staff
  • accessing available resources
  • developing information literacy
  • internet safety


Some courses are designated as being available for extended study (see curriculum guide).  Students may elect to further their studies in that class by repeating the class for grade and credit.


District 128 encourages field trips when the experiences are an integral part of the school curriculum and contribute to the District’s desired educational goals.  Since attending a field trip requires absence from regularly scheduled classes, it is the student’s option to remain in school.  If a student decides to attend a field trip, then he/she is expected to determine what assignments they will be missing and have those assignments completed for the day of their return.  If a student decides not to attend the field trip, then he/she may have to complete an alternate assignment in lieu of the missed field trip experience.


Three days for semester exams are scheduled at the end of each semester.
•    No final examinations will be given prior to regularly scheduled examination dates.
•    A student may place a request to his/her teacher for an exam to be moved only if the student has three Final Exams scheduled for the same day.  The exam will be rescheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.  Please note the make-up Final Exam period may be used in such a case.
•    Students must attend all classes during examination days.
•    These examinations cover work of the entire semester and count no more than 20% when determining the semester grade.  Students should be continuously reviewing their assignments so they will be prepared for their final examination.
•    A student who is ill and cannot attend classes on their final examination days must have a parent/guardian telephone their LST by 9:30 a.m. on the day of the scheduled examination. Failure to call may result in a truancy.
•    Students must be on time to final exams because students will not be allowed in hallways during exam periods. Any student more than 10 minutes late to an exam will be considered truant.
•    A student who is truant for a final examination may receive a zero for the examination, which may result in failing the course.  Unexcused absences must be reviewed by the department chairperson to determine the student’s eligibility to take the exam.  
•    Seniors may be exempted from second semester final examinations in a full year course if a grade of “A” is received for the second 18th week progress report for that class.  Seventh semester seniors will be exempted from 1st semester final exams for semester courses only if a grade of “A” is received for the 18th week progress report.  The exemption criteria would remain the same for 8th semester seniors:  receiving an “A” for the 18th week progress report.






Period 1

7:30 -



Period 2

9:15 -



Period 4

11:00 -



Make-up Period

12:45 -







Period 3

7:30 -



Period 5

9:15 -



Period 6

11:00 -



Make-up Period

12:45 -







Period 7

7:30 -



Period 8

9:15 -



0 Hour/Make-up Period

11:00 -




In many year-long AP courses, taking the AP test exempts students from the final exam for the course.  See individual course syllabus for specific teacher expectations and procedures. 




The P/F option has been developed to encourage students to take more rigorous courses.  By electing to take a course P/F, it is possible for students to experience a broader curriculum as part of their four-year program.
For this request to be considered, students:
Must be enrolled in at least four other regularly graded academic courses.
Must have completed Pass/Fail contract on file with their counselor by the end of Week 9/Progress Report 2 of a semester
Cannot use P/F for classes that are required for graduation
Students who select the P/F option will be expected to meet all course requirements.  Students will:
Attend and participate in class activities
Complete all class assignments
Take the final examination for the class
Summary of Grades and Implications
Grade        Grade Recorded as        Credit        Computed for Honor Roll        Computed in GPA
A,B,C,D                    P                         Yes                      No                                       No
F                               F                          No                      Yes                                      Yes


LHS will compute both a weighted and unweighted G.P.A. at the end of each semester and at the end of Summer School.  Calculations will be based on semester grades from all courses.  The unweighted G.P.A. will be calculated on LHS's regular scale regardless of weighting.  Pluses (+) or minuses (-) are not computed into the grade-point average.
Grade-point average is printed on the student report card each semester.  Libertyville High School no longer ranks students nor recognizes a valedictorian at graduation.  Graduates with a G.P.A. of 4.0 or better, calculated at the end of the seventh semester using either the weighted or unweighted system, will be designated as Honor Graduates and honored at graduation ceremonies.  (Seniors, earning a G.P.A. of 4.0 or better after eight semesters, will receive an Honors Medallion after graduation and the posting of final grades).  Anyone with questions should contact the Student Services Director.


Parents and students can access grades and other academic information through PowerSchool, an online school information system.  Students and parents will receive a password to access student information such as attendance, current marks, grades history and schedule information.
Students and parents will have access to four progress reports each semester.  In an effort to go green, all progress reports will be available online.  Parents who want a hard copy of the first three progress reports can request them to be mailed home by contacting the school registrar.   Each progress report communicates a cumulative grade to date.  At eighteen (18) weeks a semester grade will be given based upon the cumulative eighteen week progress report (80% of the semester grade) and the final examination (20% of the semester grade).  The final semester report card will be mailed home.  Any exceptions to the 20% final exam must be approved by the department supervisor.

Dates for the four progress reports are listed on the school calendar.  Final progress/semester reports are usually mailed within one week of the date listed.  Student grades can be viewed from the school’s website.  Following a progress report grade or final examination grade, a plus (+) or a minus (-) may be issued to serve as an additional indicator of student achievement.  Plusses and minuses will not be recorded when issuing semester grades.

Progress Report Grading Scale            Percentage

A+                                                                97
A                                                                  93
A-                                                                 90
B+                                                                87
B                                                                  83
B-                                                                 80
C+                                                                77
C                                                                  73
C-                                                                 70
D+                                                                67
D                                                                  63
D-                                                                 60
F+                                                                57
F                                                                  Below 57

Semester Report Grading Scale            Percentage
A                                                                  90
B                                                                  80
C                                                                  70
D                                                                  60
F                                                                  Below 60


The following letter grades are awarded at Libertyville High School:






Superior achievement


Pass – No grade, credit awarded not computed into GPA


Above average achievement


Audit – no grade or credit awarded


Average achievement


Withdrawn– no credit awarded


Below average achievement


Withdrawn/failing – computed into GPA


Failure – no credit awarded


Exempt – no credit awarded


Incomplete – no credit awarded


Medically excused – no credit awarded


Repeated for Grade – no credit awarded


If a student has an extended absence due to illness or a pre-arranged absence, a grade of Incomplete may be issued.  The student will work with their teacher to develop a plan to complete their course requirements.  The goal is to get the student caught up by the end of the 1st progress mark period of the next term.


Students are expected to fulfill the particular requirements of a curriculum in order to fully benefit from the educational growth that a class has to offer.  If these requirements are not fulfilled, the teacher has the right to fail a student.
•    Teachers will specify the logistics and expectations for satisfactory completion, timeframe, and grading.
•    Students will be expected to complete the requirement within the given timeframe that the teacher has set.
•    Teachers have a right to refuse homework if not completed in the specified amount of time.
•    Teachers have a right to make a reduction in grade if a student does not meet the assignment due date.
•    Students who are sick or have an excused absence will be allowed the same timeframe plus one day to complete any work that has not been finished.
•    Students who are assigned in-school suspension may request work they will be missing to be completed during this quiet study time.  Students may also request to make up work upon returning to class.  In this regard, no academic penalties shall ensue, however teachers have the discretion to set time limits for accepting work upon return to the regular classroom setting.
•    Students who are assigned out-of-school suspensions follow the same guidelines as outlined in the Suspensions (out-of-school) section of this student/parent handbook.
•    Students will not be allowed to make up work that is over three weeks late unless the teacher grants permission.  (This is an effort to protect teachers from being overloaded at the end of any semester by a barrage of late work from various students.)
•    Parents or students may request an informal hearing if it is felt that any portion of this policy was not followed fairly and justly.  The hearing shall consist of the teacher, student(s), parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and the teacher’s department supervisor.


An honor roll will be computed and published two times each year using 1st semester and 2nd semester grades that are recorded on District #128 report cards.
Only students who are enrolled in five or more academic subjects will be considered for the honor roll.  There are two honor rolls: “A” honor roll and “B” honor roll.  Students earn places on the honor roll in the following manner:
    A Honor Roll - all “A” grades
    B Honor Roll - a grade-point average of “B” or higher not using weighted grades
Any grade of “D” or “F” in an academic subject disqualifies a student from the honor roll.  Only courses that carry a minimum of .50 credit per semester are counted in computing the honor roll.


Twenty two (22) credits will be required for graduation, eighteen (18) of which must be from academic courses (everything except Physical Education and Driver Education).
To be a candidate for graduation, a student must have fourteen (14) credits at the end of the summer before his/her graduation year.
A student may enroll in and earn credit in a maximum of seven (7) academic classes plus Physical Education or Health/Driver Education each semester (excluding Summer School).  A maximum of 1 credit per year may be earned during any one summer school session.
The requirements listed below are minimum requirements for graduation from Libertyville High School.  Graduation requirements should not be interpreted as admission requirements for colleges or universities.
English – 4.0 credits total
Writing – 2.0 credits (1.0 credit must be an English course and 1.0 credit may be English or any other subject defined as a writing intensive course.  Courses that award writing credit are labeled Writing Intensive).
Mathematics – 3.0 credits
1.0 credit must be Algebra I and 1.0 credit must include geometry content.
Science – 2.0 credits
Social Studies – 2.0 credits
1.0 credit must be U.S. History; 0.5 credit must be Government and 0.5 elective Social Studies credit).
Consumer Education – 0.5 credit
Health Education – 0.5 credit
Students will be exempt from Physical Education for one semester while they are enrolled in Health.
1.0 credit from one of the following:
Applied Arts (Applied Technology, Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences), Fine and Performing Arts (Art, Music, Theater Arts) or World Languages.


Physical Education – taken every semester (0. 5 credit per semester). 
Must be taken and passed every semester of attendance unless a student is medically excused or exempt.  A maximum of 4.0 credits may be applied toward graduation.


If a student is enrolled in PE at the beginning of the semester, but are PE exempt and not attending class they will be able to count that class as one of the five classes required for IHSA eligibility. 
Students in grades 11 and 12 may request an Athletic exemption from Physical Education for the following reason:
The student is participating in interscholastic athletics sanctioned by the IHSA (as certified by the appropriate district personnel),enrolled in 6 credit bearing classes, including PE, and is in good standing in the physical welfare program.
Courses excluded from exemptions include Dance (l, ll, lll), Exercise Physiology, Integrated PE, Lifeguard Training, Outdoor Adventure Education, Sports Medicine and Athletic Injuries.

Exemption Timelines



  • Students are exempted from their PE class for the entire semester upon completion of the school’s PE exemption process. 
  • Students will not earn a grade. 
  • Students will not earn GPA credit. 
  • Students will not earn academic credit. 
  • Students will satisfy the PE requirement toward graduation. 
  • Students who do not complete the entire athletic season may be required to return to PE class. 

NOTE: Fall students that are Athletically Exempt from PE for the semesters and will be a WINTER Athlete will not need to reapply for Winter exemptions at this time. Once we receive the winter roster from the coach you will be added to the list and follow the WINTER SEMESTER 2 guidelines.

 Winter Semester 1: 


  • Students are exempted from their PE class and will not report to their PE class for the rest of semester 1 upon completion of the school’s PE exemption process. 
  • Students will earn a grade (the grade earned upon leaving for exemption). 
  • Students will earn GPA credit (based upon the grade earned upon leaving for exemption).
  • Students will earn academic grade towards graduation.

Winter Semester 2: 

All students attend the first few days of PE class during the start of second semester. 
Athletes will have a choice to return to PE for the semester and earn a grade/GPA credit or students can choose to stay athletically exempt; 

  • Not return for the entire semester. 
  • Not earn a grade. 
  • Not earn GPA credit. 
  • Not earn academic credit towards graduation. 
  • Satisfy the PE requirement toward graduation. 

NOTE: Winter students that are Athletically Exempt from PE for the semester and will be a SPRING Athlete will not need to reapply for a SPRING exemption. Once we receive the SPRING roster from the coach you will be added to the list and follow the SPRING Exemption guidelines.


  • Students are exempted from their PE class and will not report to their PE class for the rest of semester 2 upon completion of the school’s PE exemption process.
  • Students will earn a grade (the grade earned upon leaving for exemption). 
  • Students will earn GPA credit (based upon the grade earned upon leaving for exemption).
  • Students will earn academic grade towards graduation.

Each request for exemption from physical education instruction is to be verified and eligibility determined on a case-by-case basis by school district staff.  Every student excused from physical education course requirements will be required to sign in at a resource area in the building.  Students will not be able to replace their exempted Physical Education class with another class.
For athletic exemptions, only Juniors and Seniors are allowed to exempt. Failure to comply with exemption policies may result in the loss of future exemption privileges. Please see district’s exemption policy for more information.

Driver Education 

Students will be exempt from Physical Education, for a maximum of one semester while they are enrolled in Driver Education.  Students must complete 
30 clock hours of classroom instruction and 6 clock hours of behind the wheel instruction.  In order for a student to be eligible for Driver Education:

  •   He/she must have received a passing grade in at least eight academic courses during his/her previous two semesters.
  •   Students must be alcohol and other drug free.  Any violation of the alcohol and/or drug policy will result in the student being withdrawn from Driver Education for one semester beyond his/her eligibility date.  At the end of that time, an assessment with a negative drug screen result from an agency approved by District #128 must be submitted to the Student Assistance Program Coordinator.  
  • If a student is currently enrolled in Driver Education and is in violation of the alcohol and/or drug policy, the student will be immediately dropped from the Behind the Wheel section of their Driver Education Class.



Parents and students will have access to easily view information regarding their child such as attendance, grades, academic history, current schedule and messages that may be posted.  If you have any questions regarding PowerSchool, e-mail Donnalynn Warmbold at or call (847) 327-7014.


Students may request to repeat a course if the student has not acquired an acceptable skill level to proceed to the next sequential class.  Students who wish to consider this option should:

  • Obtain a “Request to Repeat a Class” form from his/her counselor,
  • Be enrolled in at least four other regularly graded academic classes, and
  • Complete the approval process prior to the start of the class.

If approved and the course is repeated, upon successful completion, the grade will be shown on the student’s transcript, credit will be awarded and calculated into the GPA.  A notation of “R” will be posted for the 1st class taken, and credit received will be removed.


It is the school’s philosophy that students select their courses, not their teachers.  However, there are instances where a change of teacher might be necessary.  A request to change a teacher will be considered providing:

  • The counselor receives a written request from parents/guardian indicating either this student or a sibling had the teacher for a class previously and the reason they are requesting a different teacher.  A copy of the written request will be forwarded to the appropriate Department Supervisor.
  • The request is made prior to the beginning of each semester.
  • There is space available in another teacher’s class.

Requests to change a teacher might be made at other times of the year or for other reasons than specified above.  A parent, a teacher or a member of the student’s Learning Support Team can initiate these requests.  In these cases, the Department Supervisor, after consultation with the concerned teacher, and appropriate LST members, will make a recommendation to the building principal.


High school course selection is an important process, which requires serious planning, and decisions on the part of students and parents.  Students are given ample time during the preceding spring to choose their courses for the next school year.  The school’s master schedule is built upon these choices.  Financial and space constraints do not allow flexibility in changing course requests.  Students must be enrolled in at least five academic classes plus physical education/drivers education/health. 
A sixth academic class may be dropped if the following guidelines are met:

  • If a course is dropped by the second progress report of the semester, no entry is made on the permanent record indicating the student was enrolled.
  • If a course is dropped after the second progress report of the semester, the course is recorded on the student’s permanent record with a notation of either W (withdrawn passing), WF (withdrawn failing), or MX (medically excused).
  • A grade of W or MX is not computed in the student’s grade-point-average.
  • A grade of WF is considered the same as a semester failure in computing grade-point-average.

All schedule adjustments must be completed by August 10, 2017. Schedule changes after first semester begins will be limited to necessary academic circumstances.

Failing a prerequisite course, needing a required course for high school graduation, or making a change in the level of instruction, are examples of necessary changes. Second semester schedule adjustments can be made between the first of December and the end of the first semester.  Once the second semester begins, schedule changes will be limited to necessary academic circumstances only.  If a student decides to drop a class after the billing date, no refund will be processed (see class fees).


District 128 has a seven-week summer school during which a student may take two one-semester courses to earn one high school credit. 
Summer school provides:

  • The opportunity to make up work if a student is falling behind in credits.
  • An opportunity to complete a required course in the summer, making room for additional electives the following school year.
  • An opportunity for students to take the courses for enrichment, either for high school credit or for no credit.

Any student wishing to take Driver’s Education in summer school must sign up with their counselor.  Any student who is falling behind in credits is especially urged to take advantage of summer school.  Invariably, the students who fail to meet graduation requirements at the end of four years could have graduated with their class if they had successfully attended summer school.