Freshman Leadership Academy

Starting in January 2018, we will be piloting a new program for freshmen who see themselves as future leaders and mentors in their chosen clubs, sports, or student organizations.  The goal is to provide participants with a solid foundation of leadership skills and knowledge from which they can build as they move on through high school.

What are the qualifications?

  • Parent and coach/sponsor/director support
  • A strong desire to grow as a person and leader
  • A commitment to a high level of self-respect: being physically and mentally healthy, including remaining drug/alcohol free throughout high school
  • An equally strong commitment to treating others with respect and an open mind

What is the time commitment?

Approximately one lunch hour per week during second semester.  Students with 4th or 5th hour lunches will meet on Tuesdays.  Students with 6th or 7th hour lunches will meet on Thursdays.

What will we do?

Each week will start out with an interactive activity, as well as a short stress reduction practice.  Then, we will cover specific content and skill-building related to a vareity of leadership topics, including self-awareness, goal setting, decision-making, communicating for success, prioritizing positive lifestyle choices, and more.  Sessions will be led by Dr. Nelson and a variety of LHS adults and older peers.

Is there credit involved?

With consistent attendance and positive participation, each student who completes the training will receive a certificate as well as an indicator in their Five Star profile that will remain throughout high school.

How do I sign up?

Complete the Google form here.  Selected applicants will be notified by December 15.