Life of a Wildcat

What is Life of a Wildcat?

Life of a Wildcat is our school-wide mission focused on being Happier, Healthier, and Higher-Performing. 

What is the history?

In the fall of 2015, a focus group of 40 juniors and seniors, 20 staff members, and 5 parents gathered to learn from performance science expert, John Underwood, founder of Life of an Athlete - Human Performance Project. The driving question of the day was "Do we want to promote this approach to inspiring healthy living and high performance at LHS?" The response was a unanimous YES. 

That spring (2016), a larger audience of juniors and seniors met with Mr. Underwood to understand how focusing on the lifestyle habits of sleep, stress management, nutrition/hydration, and substance free living profoundly influences academic, athletic, and artistic performance.

The summer of 2016, 20 members of the Class of 2017 attended a local conference at the Loyola University Conference Center in Woodstock, IL with three other schools. These students came up with the name of "Life of a Wildcat" as well as the focus of "Happier Healthier, & Higher-Performing" and set forth plans to begin to bring the mission of inspiring healthy choices to LHS.

The Class of 2017 senior class launched Life of a Wildcat information to freshmen in Link Crew, extended their reach to the junior class, and began annual visits to feeder middle schools to prepare 8th graders for how their lifestyle choices can enhance their lives as high school students.

The Class of 2018 launched greater visibility to mental health through Yellow Ribbon Week and to substance-free living through Red Ribbon Week. They also brought performance science to the Paw Street Journal, our bathroom stall newsletter.

Subsequent years have featured expanding awareness of performance science through Freshman Athletic Orientation, Link Crew, 2nd Period Wellness Leaders, the evolving Paw Street Journal, Yellow & Red Ribbon Weeks, middle school outreach, and more.

How do I get involved?

As a school-wide mission, Life of a Wildcat first and foremost is about committing to a path of good health. Whether your primary focus leans toward academics, athletics, activities, or arts (or a combination of any of these), you greatly enhance your chances of success by consistently getting enough sleep, eating well, tending to your mental health and stress levels, and staying drug and alcohol free. 

The second point is to explore your passions. Maybe you already know exactly what you love, but maybe you still haven't found the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning. High school is a great place to try out new things through clubs, sports, a variety of arts, academic extra-curriculars, and more. 

The third point is to surround yourself by people who support you being the best and healthiest version of yourself. Jim Rohn says "You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

If you want to promote the LoW mission of helping all of LHS be Happier, Healthier, & Higher-Performing, there are a variety of ways you can get involved:

2nd Period Wellness Leaders (on hold for 2020-2021 school year)

Senior Wellness Leadership Team

Operation Snowball 

Snowflake Leaders

Youth Connect Council - collaborates with Libertyville Connect Coalition to impact local policy regarding youth substance prevention

Wildcats Rise (new club in 2020-2021) - email Dr. Nelson for Google Classroom code. Meetings Tuesday mornings at 8!