The D128 Board of Education and administration are requiring weekly COVID-19 testing for all unvaccinated staff. Students and Staff that want to voluntarily test can particpate in the weekly COVID testing. This weekly COVID testing will utilize covidSHIELD Salvia PCR Test conducted by Passport Health. 

SHIELD Testing Days, Times and Locations

Libertyville High School

  • Thursdays 8:00 am to 9:00 am in the West Gym Lobby

Vernon Hills High School

  • Thursdays 10:30 am to 11:30 am in the West Gym Lobby

SHIELD Testing Requirements

  • Parents need to complete the SHIELD COVID Testing Consent form prior to testing
  • Visit this link to view the FAQs for patients regarding the SHIELD testing.
  • To ensure a valid test result, students must refrain from eating, drinking (including water), or chewing gum for 45 minutes prior to completing the tests.
  • Students will collect their own specimens under the direction of Passport Health personnel (an easy-to-do, painless saliva sample that takes less than one minute).
  • Passport Health will collect the saliva sample. Students may return to their activities while their test is being processed.
  • Students who test positive for the COVID-19 virus will be contacted by their school nurse and directed to contact their doctor. 
  • The school nurse will coordinate with the family and the Lake County Health Department to develop a plan and timeline for a return to school and participation in extracurricular activities. 
  • As required, student personal health-testing information will be handled confidentially.

Staff who miss their weekly COVID-19 test will be unable to work in the school buildings until they have taken an authorized COVID-19 test.

Anyone that has previously tested positive for the COVID-19 virus will not have to participate in testing for 90 days post-infection. Please send your last positive test result to the appropriate school nurse:

LHS Nurses Office: Cam Traut, or Alisa Wasserman, 
VHHS Nurses Office: Kajal Patel-Thakkar, or Diane Dantes,