Urgent Message from Superintendent Lea

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D128 Students and Parents:

While the vast majority of D128 students have been productively and respectfully engaged in eSchool over the past few days, we are very disappointed to inform you that District 128 has experienced several concerning incidences of “Zoombombing” (i.e., when an uninvited, anonymous and disruptive guest enters a video conference meeting) during class meetings. The Zoombombings contained very disturbing racial slurs and graphic sexual language. This is absolutely unacceptable behavior, we are investigating the instances, and when identified, if the offenders are students, they will be disciplined. There is no place for hate or graphic sexual references in District 128. 

As a result, on Wednesday, August 26, Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School will not hold live video-based class lessons. Teachers will distribute lessons and assignments via Google Classroom for students to work on and complete as directed by their teachers. In turn, we will use the day to implement more complex safety and security protocols. 

It is very unfortunate that a few students have so negatively impacted the teaching and learning environment, and incidents such as these are unsettling, unacceptable and in direct conflict with our DARING mission. If impacted students need to speak with someone, we encourage students to reach out to counselors, teachers and/or any other trusted adult as necessary. We are here to support you.

Again, we are very disappointed to have to share this information with you, but we thank you for your understanding and flexibility with this sudden change of instructional plan. We will update you when we are prepared to resume synchronous learning.


Prentiss G. Lea, Ph.D