Message from Superintendent Lea

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Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are very excited to announce that at the D128 Board of Education meeting on Monday, April 26th, the Board unanimously approved an administration recommendation for D128 to work with our COVID-19 testing partner, Passport Health, to provide voluntary Pfizer first and second dose vaccinations for our students 16 years and older at the time of vaccination. Vaccinations will take place on campus at both LHS and VHHS. The dates for first dose vaccinations will be May 11 & 12, and for second dose vaccinations, June 1 & 2.

The vaccine is free to all D128 students meeting age requirements, and there is no cost to the district to administer the vaccine. As with all COVID-19 vaccine programs, parents-students with insurance will be asked to submit insurance information to offset vaccine administration costs. As with all vaccination programs, the LHS - VHHS vaccination programs are subject to vaccine availability from CDC - IDPH - LCHD distribution pipeline. 

You will receive specific information from LHS or VHHS via e-mail regarding the vaccination process, registration and scheduling on Tuesday, April 27 at approximately 10:00 a.m. Please look for that message, and if interested, follow the provided instructions.

Our sincere appreciation and thanks to the D128 Board for its support of this important initiative, and to Passport Health for its continuing partnership with D128, and for its work with the LCHD to make this initiative a reality. In addition, thanks to the D128 testing - vaccination planning team for its stellar work to plan, facilitate and coordinate our vaccination effort.  


Dr. Prentiss Lea


Community High School District 128