Superintendent Search Calendar

(Board Involvement in Bold)

Sept 29

Planning Meeting with the Board

Oct 5

Open the Search
Stakeholder letter Distributed
Community Survey Link is Active (Open Oct. 5-15)
Place Ads

Oct 5-Nov 20

Consultants Recruit, Accept, Screen, Interview Candidates

Oct 6-13

Focus Groups/Individual Interviews

Oct 26

New Superintendent Profile Presented to the Board
Board Accepts Criteria Desired in the Next Superintendent

Dec 1

Consultants Present 5-6 Candidates to the Board

Dec 2-3

Board’s First Interviews with Selected Candidates

Dec 8-9-10

Confidential Stakeholder Committee Interviews Finalists
Board Conducts Second Interviews with Finalist Candidates
       Board Reviews Confidential Committee Feedback
       Candidate Presentation and Interview
       Board Selects Final Candidate after last Interview

Dec – Jan

Board Reference Checks
Negotiate Contract

January 26

Board Action on New Superintendent’s Contract
   (or set Special Meeting)

Candidate Introduced to the Community

July 1

Superintendent Assumes Duties