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I have been teaching private lessons, rehearsing marching band sections, giving clinics, directing percussion ensembles, and sectionals since 1980. I am currently teaching at several locations. I have been the head of percussion studies at Oakton Community College since 1995. I have been 
teaching at New Trier High School since 1991 at Wheeling High School since 1992, Jack London Middle School sectionals since 1999, and Vernon Hills High School since 2008. I also teach at my house in Vernon Hills.

In the past 33 years I have worked for over 40 schools and over 68 band directors. A full listing of schools, districts, and directors is available upon request. I also direct the New Trier High School Percussion Ensemble. I have previously directed the Pep Band for three Basketball seasons and one football season. I was section leader with the Palatine Concert Band for three years. I am currently playing with the Northwest Suburban Wind Ensemble.

Over the years I have been able to help many students achieve their goals. Over 85 of my students have been selected through an audition process to either District or State Honor Ensembles as well as being accepted to college music schools throughout the nation including, Northwestern, Michigan, USC, Belmont, and many more. At least four of my past students are in professional orchestras, as well as several touring pop drummers. I am sure I can help you achieve your goals also!