Case Management Responsibilities

Each student receiving Special Education services is assigned a case manager. Generally, the student’s case manager is the special education teacher who is seen throughout the week.  The student’s case manager will contact the parents during the first few weeks of school to identify themselves and to answer any questions the parent may have about their child's IEP or schedule.

The case manager’s responsibilities are to: 

  • Implement and evaluate the annual goals and objectives of their student's IEP.  
  • Provide an explanation of their student's IEP to parents and other teachers. 
  • Provide instruction toward the achievement of the goals in their student’s IEP.  
  • Assist in making the IEP accommodations which are necessary for students to benefit from their courses by  providing written copies of IEP accommodations to general education teachers.
  • Regularly communicate with each student’s parents and other school staff as necessary to implement the student’s IEP.  
  • Grade the student in the Tutorial/Teaching Appropriate Behavior Program (TAB) (CREDIT/NO CREDIT). If requested by the student’s other teachers, assist them in evaluating (grading) the student’s academic performance in their courses.
  • Grade the student in self-contained academic courses (letter grade).  
  • Develop study and test-taking strategies for individual students.  
  • Provide an understandable explanation to the student of their disabling condition and discuss ways to cope with the disability in various settings.  
  • Conduct informal parent conferences, IEP meetings, and Annual Reviews.