World Languages ~ Language Lab

Lab Policies

Welcome to the Cougar Language Lab!

Students must have a current, signed Internet Student Acceptable Use Policy on file at the school.


  1. No food, beverages, gum, or candy are permitted at anytime in the lab.
  2. Any backpacks or materials not needed for the lesson should be left in the front area.
  3. Please do not adjust the chairs.
  4. Treat the headsets with care; do not unplug or bend any part of headset.
  5. Only open the programs you are instructed to use.
  6. Leave the computer settings as you found them.

All done?

  • Check that your station is clear and ready for the next class.
  • Hang up your headset.
  • Push in your chair.

Have a problem? Please let Mrs. Joshi or your teacher know right away!