Each player must read the VHHS Girls' Lacrosse Player Handout, share the information with her parent(s), and (electronically) sign the Player's Duties and Responsibility Form to certify that they understand their duties and responsibilities as a member of the VHHS Girls’ Lacrosse team, agree to follow team policies and player duties and responsibilities, and wants to be a part of the team.

The links to the Player Handout and Player's Duties and Responsibility Form are provided below:

Completion of the Player's Duties and Responsibilities Form is DUE SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2022.

  • Before any girl can participate in games, she MUST complete and submit the Players’ Duties and Responsibilities Form.
  • Inclusion of the player's name and email address on the submitted form represents her electronic signature.

Additional Information

Academic Eligibility

  • A student athlete must have passed five (5) classes in the previous semester to be eligible to participate in sports during the current semester.  All classes count towards the five class requirement.

  • Every week during the current semester and season, a student athlete must maintain passing grades in a minimum of five (5) classes.

  • Academic eligibility is determined weekly.  If a player is determined to be academically ineligible, the player will not be allowed to participate in athletic competition during the following week (Monday through Saturday).

  • An academically ineligible player is expected to attend all practices and games although they will not be allowed to participate in athletic competitions during the period of their ineligibility.

Absences from School vs. Participation Eligibility

  • Coaches receive a:

    • DAILY Athletic Absentees report to determine practice and game eligibility.

    • WEEKLY Excessive Absences report to determine extracurricular activity eligibility.

  • Athletic Absentees report

    • To be eligible to participate in practices or games, a student athlete must be present in School at least four (4) periods of the day.

      • In order to count lunch or study hall as one of the four periods, the student athlete must be scanned in on campus.

    • Attendance on the school day before a weekend or school holiday determines eligibility until the next school day (e.g., Friday attendance determines Saturday eligibility).

    • Exceptions (doctor visit, funerals, college visits)to this policy can be made by the Athletic Director in advance of the student athlete participating in the practice or game.

  • Excessive Absences report

    • 10 absences – Student cannot leave early for athletic contests.

    • 18 absences – Student cannot participate in extracurricular activities.

    • Field trips do not count toward absences.

    • Absences due to illness ARE included in the absence count, even if called out by a parent, UNLESS there is a note from the doctor. 

    • Missing ANY period during the day due to illness is included in the absence count, UNLESS there is a note from the doctor.

    • Leaving school early counts as an absence.

Travel To and From Games

It is required that our players ride the team bus to and from away games, however, there are some exceptions that may occur.  If this is the case: 

  • The player’s parent should contact our Athletic Director, Brian McDonald (brian.mcdonald@d128.org), in advance of the game

    • The request should not be a regular occurrence. 

    • Mr. McDonald will communicate his response (approved or denied) to both you and the coaches. 

    • Our Assistant Athletic Director, Chris Curry (chris.curry@d128.org), may also be contacted in regard to these requests.

    • Please copy all lacrosse coaches on any requests so that we may be aware of the request in advance of Mr. McDonald’s and/or Mr. Curry’s response.

    • We recognize that there are occasions where an emergency occurs and a parent needs to transport his/her daughter and is not able to make the request in advance. 

  • Contact Mr. McDonald and/or Mr. Curry to request the following exceptions:

    • You may transport your daughter FROM an away game if there is a compelling reason to do so (e.g., family, religious, academic, school related purposes). 

    • You may transport your daughter TO an away game if it is for an academic or school related reason.

    • You may transport another parent(s)' daughter(s) FROM an away game when it is for an academic/school activity.

    • You may NOT transport another parent(s)' daughter(s) FROM an away game when it is for a family or religious purpose.

  • Riding the team bus is an integral part of team-bonding, and an opportunity for us to hold a post-game discussion with the players, so we would appreciate it if you would keep such requests to a minimum.

  • We also request that you check in with your daughter's coach(es) prior to leaving from the game site so that we are aware that YOU, and not someone else, is leaving with your daughter, and that your daughter has been picked up from the game site.