Illinois School Day SAT -- Hosted at VHHS

Illinois School Day SAT -- Hosted at VHHS

The Illinois school-day SAT (current seniors) is on Wednesday, September 23rd. Specific details about testing room location and other important information will be emailed directly to seniors who participate. 


  • Enter Vernon Hills High School at the time listed in your email from Dr. Young. 
  • Park in the west main parking lot and enter the building at door 2 (North side of main entrance next to the bus entrance lane). 
  • Bring a reusable water bottle.
  • School staff will not have extra pencils or calculators on hand. Please bring all approved pencils and calculators


  • Anyone entering VHHS is required to wear a mask that covers both their mouth and nose. This requirement is mandatory before, during, and after testing.
  • Students should bring their own reusable water bottle & allergy free snack (if applicable). 
  • Students are asked to social distance as they enter the building and proceed to their testing room. 
  • All students will sit six feet apart in their testing room. Rooms will start and end at staggered times to alleviate several students breaking at the same time. 
  • Temperature and symptom screening at the building entrance is required to enter VHHS.

Test Details:

The spring Illinois school-day SAT in April was postponed for the Class of 2021 (seniors). The Illinois State Board of Education has rescheduled this assessment for Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020. Currently, this school-day SAT is a state graduation requirement for students and serves as our state accountability test (A national SAT or ACT does not meet the state requirement). ISBE has indicated your student’s participation at this time is optional with the expectation that if they opt out of fall testing they will need to participate in April, 2021. This is an official SAT exam and results can be sent to colleges chosen by your child. On this exam day, seniors will have the opportunity to select 4 colleges to send their scores for free.  Please come prepared with the 4 schools you have in mind.  In accordance with the Illinois State Board of Education, students must take the September or April Illinois school day SAT to receive their high school diploma. Standard time testing will end at approximately 1:30pm (depends on start time).

  • Materials: Please bring an approved calculator, school ID, and two #2 pencils to school that day.  All cell phones must be powered down prior to entering a testing room. Staff will securely collect seniors’ cell phones to ensure optimal SAT testing conditions. 
  • Transportation:  Morning buses will run at the regular start time. If your student opted into the busing option, specific information from Mrs. De La Garza will be forthcoming.  Buses will leave VHHS around 1:45 pm.
  • Students with accommodations: If your student has accommodations, a letter with specific accommodations will arrive in the mail prior to test day. For specific questions about testing accommodations, please contact Allison Farrell at

For additional questions, please contact the VHHS main office at 847-932-2000.