IL School-Day SAT -- April 13th

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2021 IL School-Day SAT

On Tuesday, April 13th, VHHS will host the Illinois School-Day SAT.  

  • 9th and 10th grade students will learn remotely and follow an asychronous blue day schedule (periods 5-8). 12th grade students who have already taken the IL school-day SAT will also learn remotely. Seniors who have not completed the IL school-day SAT were notified. 

Specific details for juniors and any seniors taking the IL-School Day SAT:

SAT Practice: As a reminder, students can leverage personalized practice for free using Khan Academy. Khan Academy has multiple SAT practice tests and personalizes SAT related skills for students.

Test: Illinois School-Day SAT. This is an official SAT exam and results can be sent to colleges chosen by your child.  On this exam day, juniors will have the opportunity to select 4 colleges to send their scores for free.  Please come prepared with the 4 schools you have in mind.  

Location: Students should report to school at their assigned time and room. Students can enter VHHS 10-15 minutes prior to the start of their assigned SAT. Please note, testing room start times are staggered in order to alleviate crowded hallways. Room lists and start times will be communicated to students via email on April 9th. 

Transportation: Students who drive may park in the west main parking lot until no space is available. At that point, please use the stadium parking lot. Students who requested bus transportation will receive an email from Mrs. De La Garza with pick up and drop off information.

Materials: Students should bring an approved calculator, mask that covers mouth & nose, school ID, and two #2 pencils to school. All cell phones must be powered down prior to entering a testing room. 

Personal Belongings: Students should bring their own reusable water bottle & allergy free snack (if applicable). Other than testing materials, no other materials are necessary.  

Students with accommodations: Many students who test with accommodations will finish later than 1:00 pm or test over 2 days.  For questions regarding accommodations, please contact Allison Farrell at 847-932-2189 or 

Covid-19: Anyone entering VHHS is required to wear a mask that covers both their mouth and nose. This requirement is mandatory before, during, and after testing. Students are asked to social distance as they enter the building and proceed to their testing room. All students will sit six feet apart in their testing room. Rooms will start and end at staggered times to alleviate several students breaking at the same time. Temperature and symptom screening at the building entrance is required to enter VHHS.

For questions regarding standard time testing on April 13th, please contact Andrew Young at (847) 932-2214 or