FREE books for your summer choice reading

FREE books for your summer choice reading

Students have lots of options to choose books they want to read over summer break. 

Read what you like on your own time!


  • use your school Google account to checkout up to 3 ebooks and audiobooks at a time
  • Also "Add a Library" to add Cook Memorial Public Library, including their Aspen Drive branch, collection to your Sora app
  • You only need your school Google account; no CMPL library card number is required

Sora Sweet Reads - special summer collections of always-available ebooks for students of all ages

  • Watch for these new titles to be loaded to Sora starting May 5, 2021.
  • This promotion ends on August 20, 2021.

AudioSYNC - 2 free audiobooks loaded to your Sora account each week

  • Sign up at first, then add the SYNC library to your Sora
  • New titles drop each Thursday, so click each title to borrow it. Don't miss a week; otherwise you'll miss those titles! 
  • The first 2 titles are already available on Sora!
  • These audiobook titles *never* expire, so keep them in your Sora account to listen to later.