Freshman Orientation -- Tuesday, August 6th

Image of freshmen in stadium grandstands.

Transportation by car or bike:

  • Parents who drop off students should use the main west lot entrance.
  • The VHHS safety team will help support traffic flow.
  • Students can begin entering VHHS by 8:20 am. Orientation begins at 8:45 am and will conclude at 12:30 pm.

Transportation by bus:

  • A student's assigned bus route will be listed on their digital student ID. Incoming students will also receive a temporary paper copy of their student ID at Chromebook distribution. Use this bus transportation link on our website to locate your bus route pick up location and route start time (please note, bus route times will continue to be updated through early August. We encourage students to check their route information again in early August as well. All bus route information can be found at
  • Your student should be at their bus stop 10 minutes before the bus route start time.
  • Please check for the stop closest to your home as the bus stops may have changed from a previous year’s location. Routes are evaluated annually to be as fiscally responsible to all of our stakeholders as possible.
  • If you have questions about your bus route for Freshman/New Student Orientation, the pick up/drop off location, or other bus route questions, please contact Mrs. Ginger DeLaGarza at 847-932-2285.

Who: VHHS Class of 2028 (freshmen) and new students (all grade levels).

When: Tuesday, August 6th from 8:45 am to 12:30 pm.

What to Bring: Students do not need to bring any materials to orientation and will be directed where to go once they enter the building (parent drop off area in the west main lot or bus entrance). If weather permits, students should plan to be outdoors for 45 minutes. Water will be provided (students should eat prior to arrival, but can bring a snack if necessary). If your student has not already submitted all ISBE health and dental records, we will have a drop off location at orientation.

Orientation Activities: All participants will have an opportunity to meet new students and their counselor, walk their course schedule, practice their locker combination, and participate in fun activities. Students will receive a paper copy of their first semester schedule at orientation. Student schedules will also be available online in the student/parent PowerSchool portal beginning August 8th.

What if I Can't Make It: While freshman orientation is highly encouraged, if a student is unable to attend they can pick up their folder beginning August 7th. Students can walk their schedule during business hours or during our extended hours on Thursday, August 8th (school will be open until 7:30 pm).