About Us

  • Orchesis is an auditioned, extra-curricular student dance company offered by the VHHS Fine Arts Department and is designed for intermediate and advanced level students who are passionate about dance. 

  • It is open to grades 9-12. 

  • Orchesis is dedicated to nurturing artistic expression in a supportive environment. It celebrates a variety of dance styles and the diverse dance backgrounds of the VHHS students.

  • Student choreography and leadership is the foundation of Orchesis, and a majority of the final show is choreographed by the students. Orchesis members should not only be interested in performing but should also have the desire to choreograph and support company efforts to create material for the Orchesis concert.

  • Each student choreographer designs their own dance including the movement, theme, costumes, and lighting.

  • The Orchesis members learn from and mentor their peers during the creative process in rehearsals. The professional dance company mindset is key to success.

  • Guest artist and faculty choreography are learned and performed as well. Orchesis members are challenged to grow beyond their current understanding of the dance art form and are expected to pursue a high standard of artistic excellence. 

  • Orchesis is a great opportunity to develop choreographic and performance skills while broadening expressive abilities, exploring new dance styles, discovering personal potential, and forming lasting friendships.