CONGRATULATIONS to all our students selected for the Illinois High School Theatre Festival ALL-STATE productions. Students from all over the state are selected each year to be members of this elite company. This is a very high honor.

Congratulations to all of you for being selected to and performing in such amazing productions.

CABARET 2021-2022: ISU

Joshua Kaliowski (Crew)


Amanda Rokosz (Crew)

AIDA 2019-2020: ISU

Mackenzie Furlett (Cast)
Sari Gluck (Cast)

IN THE HEIGHTS 2018-2019: U of I

Mrs. Jennifer Phelan (Set Designer)
Mackenzie Furlett (Cast)
Sari Gluck (Cast)
Kyle Johnson (Orchestra)
Hana Marek (Orchestra)
Bella Pineda (Crew)
David Rosales (Orchestra)

BIG FISH 2017-2018: ISU

Donalie Black (Cast)
Mackenzie Furlett (Cast)
Valerie Smith (Crew)
Skylar Torrey (Crew)
Samantha Kolber (Orchestra)

SWEENEY TODD 2016-2017: U of I

Kyle Greenberg (Crew)
Spencer Moffat (Orchestra)

RENT 2015-2016: ISU

Aubrey Black (Cast)
Kyle Greenberg (Crew)

PIPPIN 2014-2015:U of I

Mr. Kevin Phelan (Technical Director)
Erik Hoornstra (Crew)
Sarah Shanes (Crew)
Mia Candocia (Cast)
Aubrey Black (Cast)
Rebecca Townsend (Orchestra)
Scott Knier (Orchestra)
Kevin Boes (Orchestra)
Scott Bass (Orchestra)


Doug Millar (Cast)
Alex Nelson (Crew)
Scott Knier (Crew) 

MEMPHIS 2012-2013: U of I

Fiona McGovern (Cast)
Alex Nelson (Crew)

INTO THE WOODS 2010-2011: U of I

Mr. Kevin Phelan (Associate Producer)
Drew Echales (Cast)
Paige Kibbler (Orchestra)

URINETOWN 2009-2010: ISU

David Valentino (Crew)
Michael Wagner (Orchestra)

HAIRSPRAY 2008-2009: U of I

Maggie Foley (Crew)
Josh Robinson (Crew)
Jennifer Zellner (Crew)
Abby Turley (Crew)
Lauren Batson (Crew)
Daniel Byshenk (Cast)

PARADE 2007-2008: ISU

Thomas Bersano (Crew)
Kaitlin Donelon (Crew)
Jennifer Zellner (Crew)
Eugene Kuzmin (Crew)
Lindy Randall (Crew)
Michael Wagner (Orchestra)

LES MISERABLES 2006-2007: U of I

Stephanie Grebe (Cast)
Matt Nurenberger (Cast) 
Lauren Schorsch (Orchestra)
Andrew Tamasauskas (Orchestra)
Kevin Kunkel (Orchestra)
Melissa Chua (Orchestra)
Jesse Schaar (Orchestra)

A CHORUS LINE 2005-2006: ISU

Matt Nurenberger (Cast)

RAGTIME 2004-2005: U of I

Goli Rahimi (Cast)
Jorie Moore (Set Crew)
Christine Nadrowski (Costume Crew)
Ashley Grebe (Orchestra)
Aaron Kibbler (Orchestra)
Elizabeth Riggs (Orchestra)
Sam Rothstein (Orchestra)
Andrew Tamasauskas (Orchestra)