VHHS Performance Spaces

VHHS Auditorium

VHHS Auditiorium annually hosts VHHS Musical, and VHHS Music Concerts, VHHS Talent Show, Top Cougar, and rental companies. This procenium theatre has seating for 575 people. Two large chorus dressing rooms, and makeup room provide accommodations for large companies, and the 53' x 34' stage allows for spacious productions. The auditorium also includes a computerized lighting system, two followspots, and sound reinforcement capability.

VHHS Studio Theatre

The VHHS Studio Theatre annually hosts 3 Plays, Acapella Concert, meetings and rental companies.  This modified thrust theatre has seating for 250 people. Access to dressing rooms is avalible, and the 48 x 40 modified thrust stage allows for a unique audience experience. The theatre also includes a computerized lighting system, and sound reinforcement capability.