Current Students

Welcome current students. This site will help you navigate the transition from one year to the next as you choose courses, register and enroll for the upcoming school year. Look for updated information this winter as we prepare for the upcoming school year. In the meantime, please refer to the timeline of course selection and registration below.  If you need further assistance please call your counselor who will be happy to assist you.

This timeline shows the general sequence and timing of events and is subject to adjust year to year.

Updates for the 2021-2022 calendar will be made in early August. 




  • Teachers begin the process of recommending students for courses for the coming year.


  • Teachers finalize recommendations for course selection. Course recommendations for current students will be mailed home mid-January. Students and their parents are encouraged to review the online curriculum guide for general sequence and contact their teacher if they have questions.
  • Start of 2nd semester.
  • The new curriculum guide is available online & registration materials will be distributed to current students during the first week of the 2nd semester.
  • All students will receive enrollment materials electonically from their counselor in early January. Families are encouraged to talk about course selection at home.
  • Starting January 8th, counselors begin to meet with students for initial course selection for the next school year and to and review progress toward graduation requirements. Juniors recieve invitations from counselors. Freshmen meet during PE/Health classes on January 22nd and 23rd.  Sophomores meet with counselors on January 29th and 30th during English classes.


  • Here is the VHHS online curriculum guide.
  • Counselors continue to meet with current students to select courses and review progress toward graduation requirements.
  • Initial course selection ends February 14th.


  • Course selection data is compiled and prepared for the administration.
  • VHHS and D128 administration review course selection data and make sectioning and staffing decisions. With Board approval the VHHS administration begins to build the master schedule based on the initial course selection data.


  • Counselors meet with students whose courses were cancelled due to lack of enrollment and help them choose alternative courses. Course selection decisions are now limited to what is available.
  • Begin limited discretionary schedule changes. Course selection decisions are limited to what is available.
  • Continue to build the master schedule. A computer is used to run simulations to find the most effective schedule that will maximize the highest percentage of students being placed into the courses they selected.


  • Finalize master schedule in mid-May.
  • Counselors meet with students to resolve schedule conflicts/irresolvables. Students who have a large number of singleton or doubleton courses (courses that have only one or two sections) are at the greatest risk for having schedule conflicts.
  • Course selection decisions are limited to what is available.


  • Counselors finish schedule conflicts/ irresolvables  and begin to balance sections.
  • Students and parents may verify cumulative course selection decicions for the upcoming school year via PowerSchool.
  • After graduation, VHHS main office begins summer hours --- M-Th 7:30-4:00. School is closed Fridays.
  • Begin the 2021-2022 school registration process on June 14, 2021. There are two steps for current students to complete registration: 1) Online registration to verify your child's demographic data and complete other pertinent information 2) Pay basic school fees and other optional items. 
  • A counselor is on duty at scheduled times in June (call for availability) to process limited discretionary schedule changes and register new students. Course selection decisions are limited to what is available. Schedule changes get more difficult to do.
  • Finalize registration process during the last week of June.


  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE is Thursday, July 1, 2021.
  • VHHS continues summer hours --- M-Th 7:30-4:00. School is closed Fridays.
  • A counselor is on duty at scheduled times in July (call for availability) to process limited discretionary schedule changes and register new students. Course selection decisions are limited to what is available.
  • Counselors and data processing will to balance course sections.
  • On July 30, 2020 families who have completed online registration and paid the basic school fee will have their school ID and parking sticker mailed home. Schedules will be available online beginning August 4th. 


  • Chromebook & schedule pick up is scheduled for August 3rd and 4th for freshmen and new transfer students only. Specific instructions will be emailed to all families in July. In addition, freshmen & new students will pick up their locker assignment, bus information, ID, and activity pass in the VHHS foyer from 7:15 am to 5:00 pm.
  • All counselors are available by appointment the week prior to the beginning of school to process last minute discretionary schedule changes and register new students.  Limited discretionary schedule changes will not be considered after August 5, 2021.
  • End summer hours on August 9th. Main office is open M-F with regular hours of operation.
  • Fall sports begin on TBA. 
  • The first day of class is August 12, 2021 for all students.