D128 mission statement graphic

The Mission of Community High School District 128 is to develop graduates who are DARING. Students explore and discover personal journeys to meaningful post-secondary pursuits.  We are:

Dreamers and Doers
● We believe we can make a difference.
● We participate in change for the greater good.
● We prepare to thrive in our studies, careers, and life.

● We know what we love and pursue our passions.
● We reflect frequently to discover who we are and who we may become.
● We seek to understand the varied experiences and realities of others.

Resilient and Healthy
● We take calculated risks to deepen our experiences and build our confidence.
● We persevere through difficulties and overcome adversity.
● We lead active, healthy, and balanced lifestyles.

● We are curious about the world’s complicated past, present, and future.
● We think creatively, explore options, and are guided by evidence and reason.
● We ponder problems, question convention, and propose solutions.

● We delve into complexity and ambiguity.
● We adapt learning to novel situations.
● We express ourselves artistically, logically, and in many modes.

● We value diversity.
● We build relationships in order to understand others.
● We communicate effectively to collaborate in our interdependent world.