Board of Education Members

Lisa Hessel head shotLisa Hessel

Board President
Email, 847-247-4558
4-year term, expires 2027
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Sonal Kulkarni head shotSonal Kulkarni

Board Secretary
Email, 847-247-4557
4-year term, expires 2025
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Don Carmichael head shotDon Carmichael

Board Member
Email, 847-247-4554
4-year term, expires 2025
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TBA head shotMithilesh Kotwal

Board Member
Email, 847-247-4556
Appointed, expires 2025
2-year term, expires 2027
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Jim Batson head shotJim Batson

Board Vice President
Email, 847-247-4551
4-year term, expires 2027
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Cara Benjamin head shotCara Benjamin

Board Member
Email, 847-247-4552
4-year term, expires 2025
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Kara Drumke head shotKara Drumke

Board Member
Email, 847-247-4553
4-year term, expires 2025
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2023-24 Student Representatives:

Libertyville High School

  • Roqaya Elmenshawy
  • Molly Neary
  • Louie Perry

Vernon Hills High School

  • Purab Arora
  • Maya Raval
  • Ruhi Subramanian

Board of Education Election Information

Consolidated Election - First Tuesday in April in odd numbered years