About People

Cory Burns

Special Services Teacher

Photo of Kristin Cummings

Kristin Cummings

Personnel and Communications Administrative Assistant

Staff Photo - Charlotte Eames

Charlotte Eames

Director of Data and Assessment

Joy Eckman

Special Services Aide

Joyce Elms

Transition Pathways Nurse

Erik Gold

Special Services Aide

Photo of Cody Hawks

Cody Hawks

AV/Production Tech, LHS

Dr. Denise Herrmann - Staff Photo

Denise Herrmann, Ed.D.


Kurt Hinsberger staff photo - keep

Kurt Hinsberger

I.T. Technician, LHS

Photo of Jack Holland

Jack Holland

I.T. Technician, LHS

Photo of Kate Isabelli

Kate Isabelli

Tech Integration Specialist, LHS/VHHS

Christopher Kelly staff photo

Christopher Kelly

I.T. Technician, VHHS

Eli Kelly staff photo

Eli Kelly

LHS I.T. Manager

Photo of Lina Klein

Lina Klein

AV Technician, LHS

Jana Kohn staff photo

Jana Kohn

Speech & Language Pathologist

Beth's picture

Beth Landeche

Media Producer, VHHS

Teri Maine

Administrative Assistant

Sandy Martin

Video Technician, VHHS

Erich Massat

Special Services Aide

Tascha Meinhardt

Special Services Aide

Staff Photo - Temple Murphy

Temple Murphy

Director of Information Technology

Emily O'Kelly

Social Worker

Sharon Page

Special Services Aide

Joan Parker

Special Services Teacher

Alyssa Pechter

Special Services Teacher

Peter Rivera staff photo

Peter Rivera

I.T. Technician, VHHS

Benjamin Rodriguez staff photo

Benjamin Rodriguez

Director of College and Career Readiness

Marci Simmons

Occupational Therapist

Christi Steiner

Transition Pathways Supervisor

Launa Tangorra

Special Services Teacher / Vocational Coordinator

Laura Tazioli

Special Services Aide

Brian Todoric Staff Photo

Brian Todoric

AV/Production Tech, VHHS

Photo of Dan Treptow

Dan Treptow

Video Engineer, LHS

Kayla Turner

Special Services Aide

Staff Photo - Larry Varn, II

Larry Varn, II

Director of Equity and Inclusion

Kassandra Vasquez

Community Partnership Administrative Assistant

Bo Warmbold staff photo

Bo Warmbold

VHHS I.T. Manager

Staff photo - Brian Wegley

Brian Wegley, Ed.D.

Interim Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

Kim Williams

Special Services Aide

Photo of Dave Zacharko

Dave Zacharko

AV Technician, VHHS