Summer School 2021

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Please keep the following tips in mind when reviewing the bus routes posted below:
  • We do not list student names at each stop.  It is up to you to look through the 7 routes and find a stop that is closest to your residence.  If you cannot find a stop within walking distance of your residence, please contact Diana Gratz ( to explain your concern and provide your address.
  • The start time for each route is listed on the first line.  Take note of the order in which your stop occurs along the route (early, middle, late) and plan accordingly.  Especially during the first week, we ask you to be conservative in your estimate so as not to miss the bus.  For example, if you estimate your bus will arrive at your stop by 8:00am, be ready by 7:45am the first few days!

2nd Semester Summer School 2021 Bus Routes

Posted 7/1/21 @ 12:35pm

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