General Statement:
Student parking on school property is a privilege.  Students’ vehicles are expected to comply with all state and local laws and ordinances.  In order to promote a safe school environment, all parking areas located upon school district property where students or visitors are permitted to park any motor vehicle or which are designated as student or visitors parking areas shall be posted with a sign.  The sign shall indicate that the person in charge of the vehicle consents to a search, with or without cause, by a school official or law enforcement officer and/or specially trained dogs.  The search may include passenger compartment, engine compartment, trunk and all containers, locked or unlocked, in or on the vehicle.  
Students and/or persons refusing to cooperate will receive any or all of the following consequences:

  • Loss of parking privilege
  • Police involvement
  • Disciplinary consequences (i.e. suspension)

Specific Information:

  1. All motorized vehicles must have a parking permit on school grounds.  Vehicles on school grounds without a permit will be subject to ticketing, towing at owner’s expense, and/or possible disciplinary action against the driver.  Unauthorized individuals parking without permission will receive a ticket.  Cars will be subjected to towing after the third ticket and may result in loss of the student’s parking sticker. District #128 utilizes Ernie’s Towing Service of Vernon Hills. Parking spots may be limited based on availability at Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School.
  2. A parking sticker costs $170.00.  The following information must be provided; student driver’s license, make of vehicle, model, year, color, license plate number.  All financial obligations to LHS/VHHS must be met before purchasing a parking sticker and may not be sold or given to other students. 
  3. Students must park in designated areas only.  Students parking in staff, visitor, or no parking areas may permanently lose parking privileges, be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense.
  4. The parking permit must be displayed in the appropriate location as determined by  school officials.
  5. Students who use their vehicle to assist others in breaking school rules will be assigned consequences, which may include loss of parking privilege.
  6. The speed limit on school property is 10 miles per hour.  All traffic signs must be  obeyed.
  7. Driving to and from the Technology Campus during the school day without school permission will result in disciplinary consequences and possible loss of parking privileges.
  8. Upon arrival at school, students are to immediately park cars in designated areas, leave their vehicle, and enter the building.
  9. Students must park between the lines in a designated spot or the car will be ticketed.
  10. Parking privileges may be revoked because of reckless or dangerous driving, unsafe or noisy vehicles, excessively loud music, continued tardiness to school, cutting classes, pranks, or violations of established regulations.  If a sticker is revoked, the student may not park in any LHS/VHHS parking lot.
  11. Car trouble is never an acceptable excuse for being tardy to school and will be considered a cut or unauthorized absence.
  12. All motorcycles, scooters, etc. must follow the rules and regulations for automobiles and park in designated areas.  We encourage students to wear helmets when they ride motorcycles or scooters.
  13. All vehicles entering onto Libertyville High School or Vernon Hills High School property  are subject to search without a warrant.
  14. If a student loses their permit they will be required to purchase a replacement for an appropriate fee.  If the original permit is found on any other vehicle, it will result in disciplinary consequences. 
  15. Underclassmen parking on school grounds without permission may jeopardize their parking privileges for the future.
  16. Students are not permitted to park in neighboring business parking lots.
  17. If a student withdraws from LHS/VHHS before the start of the second semester and  completes the withdrawal form, meets all of their financial obligations and returns their  parking permit, the student will be entitled to receive a refund of half of the parking fee.  The student must request a refund in writing.  Students who lose their parking privileges due to disciplinary actions will receive no refund.
  18. Students park at their own risk.  District 128 is not responsible for damage or theft.