Choir Information for 8th Graders

 If you currently in 8th grade and considering being in choir when you come to LHS, here is some information to consider.

  • Choir in high school is a class which meets 5 days a week during the school day.
  • You can take choir for a grade, similarly to orchestra and band.
  • There are no conflicts between choir and sports.  If you are an athlete, all athletics are extra-curricular activities.  This means that if you play football, soccer, or volleyball, those activities would happen after the regular school day.  The only conflict that might occur is between a concert and a potential meet or practice and those conflicts are always worked out in the student's best interest between LHS faculty.
  • There is no audition to sign up for choir as an incoming freshmen.  All you have to do is tell your counselor that you want to be in choir and they will sign you up.  Choir counts as your elective in your schedule.

If you have other questions about choir at Libertyville High School, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jeff Brown, LHS Choir Director

Email:  Phone:  847-327-7085