What is Naviance?

Naviance login buttonNaviance/Naviance Student is a software program customized to each student at Libertyville High School, allowing students to explore career interests, research colleges, identify scholarships and much more. Students each have their own login.  Parents may access Naviance using their student's login information. Note: Colleges cannot access information entered by LHS students or parents.

Naviance FAQs

How do I access Naviance/Family Connection?

Students, you can access Naviance through the LHS bookmarks on your Chromebook. Once you're there, use your Single Sign On (SSO) to log in. 

Parents, do you want to access to your student's Naviance account? Email Sara Cardinale in the CRC and you will receive access.

Trouble logging in? Email Sara Cardinale in the CRC for help. 

Is the information on Naviance/Family Connection 100% accurate?

Not always. You should always verify crucial information, such as admission due dates or college cost on the colleges’ websites.

How do I find information for a specific college or university?

After logging into Naviance, click on Colleges. In the search for colleges field, enter the college or university’s name.

What are the Top 7 ways to use Naviance/Family Connection?

  1. View the Scattergrams to determine how your GPA and test scores compare to other Libertyville students who applied to the colleges you are considering.
  2. Maintain your list of colleges so you will receive an email if the school will be visiting Libertyville High School. 
  3. Use the SuperMatch College Search to find schools that meet your criteria.
  4. Take the Personality Type survey to determine how your personality is connected to potential majors and careers.
  5. Find local/regional scholarships in the Scholarship List under the Colleges tab.
  6. Sign up for college representative visits.
  7. Create a Resume. Start filling this in your freshman year so you don't forget anything!

Naviance for Your College Search

Naviance uses historical LHS student data (test scores and GPA) to produce acceptance comparisons for college. Please be aware that some colleges accept students based on a holistic application that can include essays, extracurricular activities, athletics, voice/musical performance, etc. These attributes are NOT reflected in the comparisons. Use the histories, graphs, and lists as just one more piece of information to help you with your college choices.

Under the Colleges homepage in Naviance, you can use:

  • SuperMatch college search to search for colleges by specific search criteria, including Location, Majors, Scores, Tuition, etc. Explore the site by entering your specific filters.
  • College Match to view colleges looking for students who have similar GPAs and test scores as you. Scroll down to view a list of colleges that have accepted students like you.
  • College Compare to compare your GPA and standardized test scores to averages of Libertyville students accepted by certain colleges.
  • College Resources to view directories for more information about College Search, Test Prep, Financial Aid, College Athletics and the Military.
  • College Maps to view maps of colleges that have accepted our students, colleges where our students are attending, and the top 20 most popular colleges where our students have applied.
  • Scattergrams to view a graph of how you compare to our students who have applied to a particular college over the last two years. 
  • Acceptance history to view statistics regarding LHS students who have applied, were admitted and enrolled to a particular college over the last 7 years.

Remember to add colleges of interest to your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" list. Once you do that, you will receive automatic notifications when college reps come to visit Libertyville from the campuses on your list. You should also check the College Rep Visit Calendar for these and other visits from college admissions officers.

Naviance as a Career Exploration Tool

Students can explore a wide variety of careers on Naviance, all updated through the Occupational Outlook Handbook. As well, they can complete assessments that, when all are finished, provide a comprehensive portfolio of career options and personality traits.  These assessments can be found under the "about me" tab and include:

Do What You Are - a personality assessment based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Career Interest Profiler - this assessment surveys what specific careers students are attracted to

Cluster Finder - this assessment pinpoints career "clusters" that are a match for students' interests

Strengths Explorer - identifies a student's top 3 "Themes" or areas of natural talent, and what careers match those themes

MI Advantage - Research indicates that there are many unique areas of intelligence, and this survey explores a student's "Multiple Intelligences."

Learning Style Inventory - Though not specifically career-based, this assessment gives students information on how he or she best studies, and how to make learning easier and more enjoyable.