LHS Parking and Traffic Flow Information for 2017-18

LHS Parking and Traffic Flow Information for 2017-18

A new sign welcomes visitors to the Libertyville High School campus.

Important Information About Parking and Traffic Flow at LHS

July 24, 2017

Dear LHS Students and Parents:

Libertyville High School and District 128 are excited to begin construction of the new LHS swimming pool this coming school year. The state-of-the-art pool will be used by all Wildcats, as well as our community, for many years to come. While it is certainly exciting to build a new pool, a project of this scale cannot be completed without presenting significant challenges to our regular campus procedures and routines. The most significant challenge we anticipate from this project is that large areas of our campus must be secured and closed off to traffic, resulting in a diminished number of Senior parking spaces and most likely causing traffic delays on and around campus for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years. Our school administration understands the difficulty and confusion these changes may present to you and the intent of this letter is to provide you all the information you will need to proactively navigate the new traffic, parking and commuting procedures that will be in place during the construction period.  Please read carefully.

Beginning this August, families should anticipate lengthy delays in accessing the parking lots both before and after school. Traffic patterns on campus have been altered. For all of our Wildcats’ safety, please be sure to follow all on campus traffic signs and directions. Please see the campus map and traffic flow document included in this letter for specific details about our revised traffic patterns. 

The start time for school continues to be 7:30 AM for the majority of our students and the fifteen minutes immediately before and after school are always the worst times for traffic and congestion on and around our campus. We urge you to consider revising your travel times to/from school each day.  

Any effort you can make to help minimize delays on and around campus during drop-off and pick-up times will be greatly appreciated. All of these actions will help reduce the traffic delays:

  • Taking the school bus (if you qualify for a bus route)
  • Carpooling
  • Arriving earlier than normal to drop off students
  • Students walking or riding their bike to school (if they live close enough and weather permits)
  • LHS staff will be located around the campus parking lots and perimeter assisting with traffic flow and monitoring the situation  

We appreciate your understanding and patience during the construction period and hope this letter provides you the information you need to effectively plan for the delays and inconveniences this construction process will present. Looking forward, we are keeping our eyes on the big picture: the new state-of-the-art pool for Libertyville High School. We are extremely grateful to the D128 Board of Education and Dr.
Lea for the opportunities that the new pool will provide for our students and our community as well.

Special thanks to the Village of Libertyville and the Libertyville Police Department for their continued assistance, guidance and support during this process.


Libertyville High School Administration

LHS Traffic Flow and Parking Plan 2017-2018 (by location)

Beginning in August 2017, the following locations will be the only entrances/exits to the LHS campus. Each will be used for different purposes. Please reference the LHS Parking Plan Map below for a visual illustration of this information.


Map of the parking flow at Libertyville High School for the 2017-18 school year.

LHS East Entrance-Access at Sunset Drive and Linden Lane:

Morning Arrival:

  • For use by students and staff for on-campus parking only
  • No student drop-off at this entrance in the morning, including on the streets in the neighborhood east of the campus. Signage will be posted throughout the neighborhood and enforced by Libertyville Police

Afternoon Departure:

  • Used by students and staff for exiting campus
  • After school only: Vehicles may use this entrance for student pick-up on campus

LHS Main Entrance-Access at Dawes:

Morning Arrival:

  • Used by busses to enter and exit campus
  • Used by vehicles for student drop off and exiting campus
  • Additionally, student drop off will be permitted in the morning only on the East side of Dawes between Route 176 and McKinley Avenue 
  • State law prohibits the dropping off and/or picking up of students on Rt. 176; Violators will be ticketed by Libertyville Police
  • Seniors & Staff parking on campus must enter through EAST Entrance

Afternoon Departure:

  • Used by busses to enter campus
  • Used by busses including sports and activity busses, students and staff to exit campus
  • Used by vehicles for student pick up and exiting campus

Newly Configured West Access on 176 (this is the entrance west of the main entrance):

  • *Construction Traffic Access Only*
  • Construction of the IDOT approved relocated West access drive to be completed this year. Upon completion, this will allow for a Westbound exit only

LHS Parking Plan 2017-2018

  • Parking Lot by Tennis Courts: Student parking only
  • East Parking Lot: Student and guest parking only
  • North Lot (Studio Theatre Entrance): Staff parking only

In order to best help our Seniors with regard to parking, we have reserved main campus parking for those Seniors chosen via the random lottery, and we have reserved the Brainerd parking lot for Seniors who were part of the the non-guaranteed waitlist. This will mean that student parking on the main campus and at Brainerd will be for Seniors only. As always, the Dymond lot parking is available to students on a first-come, first-served basis, as well as 86 parking spaces at Butler Lake Park, 35 at the Butler Lake pier lot and in the 3 additional lots north of Lake Street in Butler Lake Park. Students will use the path on the east side of Butler Lake to access the campus.

Please see the Google Earth image below to view the locations of the Butler Lake parking spots.

Butler Lake and Libertyville High School Aerial Map

Student parking locations circled in orange.

Map indicating the additional junior parking at Libertyville High School for the 2017-18 school year.

additional junior parking

LHS Parking & Student Drop Off Directions (by group)

Instructions for Seniors Parking on Campus:

All SENIORS who were selected in the lottery to park on campus will enter the school via the East Entrance by the Tennis Courts. This will allow immediate access to the Senior parking areas (the East parking lot by the football field & the tennis court parking lots). SENIORS parking on campus should not use the main entrance as that will be for parents dropping off students and busses entering campus only.

Instructions for Seniors Parking at Brainerd:

All SENIORS who participated in the school parking lottery, but were not selected for an on-campus parking pass, are eligible to park at the Brainerd Field parking spots. Reminder: These seniors must obtain a parking sticker from school security for their vehicles.  

Instructions for Parents/Guardians Dropping Off Students in the Morning:

ALL STUDENT DROP-OFFS will occur via the main entrance. The main entrance will only be used for vehicles dropping off students. Vehicles dropping off students for school should not use the East entrance by the tennis courts. The East entrance by the tennis courts will be for Seniors parking on campus, and staff only. SPECIAL NOTE: Students may also be dropped-off on the East side of Dawes between Route 176 and McKinley Ave.

Instructions for Staff Parking on Campus:

ALL STAFF parking will be located in the North parking lot behind the building. To help expedite staff parking, all staff will enter the school via the East Entrance by the Tennis Courts.  This will allow staff to bypass all drop-off parking of the main entrance, and will provide staff a path straight to the North Parking Lot.

Instructions for Junior Parking (off campus):

Juniors will NOT be allowed to park on LHS campus nor at the Brainerd lot.  Juniors wishing to park near campus may do so on a first-come, first-served basis at the Butler Lake Park (86 spaces), Butler Lake Pier Lot (35 spaces), and the Dymond Lot.  Please see the Google Earth image above to identify these lot locations.

For your reference, here is the school bell schedule for 2017-2018

Chart of the daily bell schedule for Libertyville High School.