D128 Hybrid Transition Update

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Dear D128 Parents and Students:

At an Emergency D128 Board of Education Meeting on Tuesday, October 20, the Board voted 6-1 to accept the administration’s recommendation to modify implementation of the original Hybrid transition calendar. The decision was made after thorough review and substantive discussion by the Board, which was prompted by the Lake County Health Department’s (LCHD) recent recommendation for school districts to consider transition to (or to remain in) virtual learning given rising county COVID-19 metrics. The LCHD has left final decision-making up to local school districts. The D128 Hybrid transition calendar will move from the week of October 26th to the week of November 9th, with ongoing local metric collection, review and analysis by the Board and administration during the weeks of October 26th and November 2nd. Note that the previous Board decision to transition to Hybrid learning stands, and Board action last night simply delays implementation of the original Hybrid transition calendar.

Below are the calendars for the weeks of October 26 and November 9:

During the week of October 26-30, students will follow the eSchool schedule: 

Monday, October 26 - eSchool Orange Day

Tuesday, October 27 - eSchool Blue Day

Wednesday, October 28 - Teacher-directed Day

Thursday, October 29 - eSchool Orange Day

Friday, October 30 - eSchool Blue Day


During the week of November 9-13, students will transition to the hybrid schedule:

Monday, November 9 - Teacher-directed Day - 8-period eSchool schedule

Tuesday, November 10 - Asynchronous Day - In-person staff attendance begins

Wednesday, November 11 - Asynchronous Day

Thursday, November 12 - Hybrid Orange - Group B in-person in AM, Group A in-person in PM

Friday, November 13 - Hybrid Blue - Group B in-person in AM, Group A in-person in PM


You may visit this link to the d128next webpage for further information and updates.

As always, thanks for your adaptability and flexibility.



Dr. Prentiss Lea, Superintendent