Financial Documents

To achieve our goal of transparent, efficient, and effective stewardship of District resources; and to comply with various reporting requirements, below are links to our financial reports. The links to the various reports are to the left, and a description of each is below.

  • ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT (AFR) - This is the independently audited, state required financial report of the District. 
  • ANNUAL COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL REPORT (ACFR) - Prepared at the same time as our Annual Financial Report, this report includes an introductory section with information from the auditors and about the district; a financial section that contains the basic financial statements and notes preceded by a management's discussion and analysis letter, and a statistical section to help understand the context of the report.
  • BUDGETS - The current and historical budgets adopted by the Board of Education. During the summer months, the Tentative Budget will be posted in this section for public review.
  • VENDOR CONTRACTS OVER $25,000 - A posting of all vendor contracts District 128 has entered into for amounts greater than or equal to $25,000.
  • SALARIES AND BENEFITS REPORTS, CONTRACTS - All the Collective Bargaining Agreements; salary and benefits reports; and administrator contracts of the District.