Once the office reopens, we will address issues related to class rescheduling and/or cancellations. 

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District 128
Community Education Program



The Winter Spring Summer 2020 Community Education term has 211 classes to choose from plus over 650 online classes through Education to Go and U GOT Class. Our classes primarily provide educational and personal growth opportunities for learners age 16 and above, but we also offer family culinary classes and STEM classes geared toward youth (ages 4-14) through our partnership with Engineering for Kids Lake County.  Travel opportunities are also available that include day trips, tours, and cruises.

D128 Community Education Program

All District 128 Community Education classes have been postponed/suspended until further notice.

Please email if you have any questions.

We will update this website as more information becomes available.

Please be safe!


Enjoy the following classes that will be held in April, and May as our Winter/Spring 2020 term continues. Click on Course List tab to see a full listing of all classes that are being offered this summer.

Date Class  
Arts and Crafts  
3-12-2020 Wool Applique by Hand (VHHS)  
3-18-2020 Hot Glass - A Taste of Glass (Peter Patterson Glass Works)  
4-03-2020 Hot Glass - Egg (Peter Patterson Glass Works)  
4-08-2020 Drawing Studio - Learning and Exploration (VHHS)  
4-30-2020 Hot Glass - Orb Paperweights (Peter Patterson Glass Works)  
4-30-2020 Bullet Journaling - Beginning (VHHS)  
5-01-2020 Hot Glass - Pendant (Peter Patterson Glass Works)  
5-05-2020 Hot Glass - A Taste of Glass (Peter Patterson Glass Works)  
5-14-2020 Bullet Journaling - Continuing (VHHS)  
3-12-2020 Craft Cocktail Mixology (VHHS)  
3-21-2020 Cheese Making - Introduction (Perfect Brewing Supply)  
4-04-2020 Afternoon Chocolate Making and Treats (The Chocolate Sanctuary)  

Fresh Made Cannoli (tony cannoli specialty pastries)


The Great British Bakeoff (VHHS) SOLD OUT!


The Great British Bakeoff (VHHS) Added due to popular demand

4-16-2020 Everything Giardiniera (VHHS)  
4-21-2020 A Potpourri of Shopping, Cooking and Food Insights (VHHS)  
4-22-2020 Spring Pasta With White Chocolate Pesto (The Chocolate Sanctuary)  
4-23-2020 A Little Sausage and Meatballs (VHHS)  
5-13-2020 Spring Hors d'oeuvres (The Chocolate Sanctuary)  
Dance and Music  
4-01-2020 Social Dancing for Beginners - Cha Cha (LHS)  
4-29-2020 Social Dancing for Beginners - Salsa (LHS)  
4-30-2020 Country Two-Step (LHS)  
Finance and Real Estate  
3-19-2020 Understanding Your Property Taxes (LHS)  
3-31-2020 Financial Planning in the Age of Climate Change (LHS)  
4-02-2020 Down-Sizing? Tired of High Taxes and Shoveling? (LHS)  
4-07-2020 Social Security Strategies You Should Know About (LHS)  
4-18-2020 Is it Still a Good Time to Buy a Rental Property? (VHHS)  
4-20-2020 Home Buying 101...Start Here (LHS)  
4-27-2020 Boomers and Seniors: Don't Go Broke in a Nursing Home (LHS)  
5-13-2020 Getting to the Right Place: An Overview of Senior Living Solutions (VHHS)  
Health and Wellness  
3-16-2020 The Brave Way - Self Defense Training For Adults, Teens, and Families (VHHS)  
3-18-2020 EO - Essential Oils 101 (LHS)  
3-19-2020 Zoopharmacognosy: Natural Healthcare for our Furry Friends (LHS)  
3-31-2020 Walk 15 - Walk and Tone (LHS)  
4-01-2020 EO - Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Essential Oils (LHS)  
4-01-2020 Tai Chi (VHHS)  
4-02-2020 5 Lies About Arm Pain (VHHS)  
4-05-2020 Water Sports - Sea Kayaking Introduction  (VHHS Pool)  
4-05-2020 Water Sports - Kayak Rolling (VHHS Pool)  
4-08-2020 The Brave Way - Self Defense Training For Adults, Teens, and Families (LHS)  
4-08-2020 Sustainable Weight Management - Cooking Techniques (VHHS)  
4-15-2020 Move Smart with Smart Moves (VHHS)  
4-15-2020 EO - Essential Oils vs Pharmaceuticals: What You Should Know (LHS)  
4-16-2020 Yoga for Beginners (VHHS)  
4-18-2020 Yoga for Beginners (VHHS)  
4-22-2020 Work Smarter, Not Harder (VHHS)  
4-23-2020 You and Your Girls - Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer (LHS)  
4-27-2020 Reiki - Introduction (LHS)  
5-06-2020 The Brave Way - Self Defense Training For Adults, Teens, and Families (LHS)  
5-07-2020 Neuropathy (VHHS)  
5-10-2020 Water Sports - Eskimo Rolling Tune-Up (VHHS Pool)  
5-10-2020 Water Sports - Kayak Rescue Techniques (VHHS)  
3-14-2020 Japanese Conversation Beginning Continued (VHHS)  
4-06-2020 Italian Intermediate II (LHS)  
4-06-2020 Spanish for Fun and Travel (VHHS)  
4-08-2020 German Language Spaß (Fun) (VHHS)  
Special Interest  


Civil Air Patrol (LHS)


Boating - Marine Navigation (formerly Piloting) (LHS)

3-12-2020 Growing Terrific Tomatoes! (VHHS)  
3-14-2020 Monitoring Bluebirds and Other Bird Box Nesters (LHS)  
3-18-2020 Getting Paid to Talk: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Professional Voice Acting (LHS)  
3-18-2020 Heartsaver - CPR/AED (LHS)  
3-18-2020 Pet CPR and Basic First Aid (VHHS)  
3-30-2020 Spring Green Clean Without Chemicals (VHHS)  
3-31-2020 National Weather Service Spotter Training (VHHS)  
3-31-2020 New Date Dress for Success - Organize and Enhance Your Wardrobe (VHHS)  
4-01-2020 Vacation Inspiration: Ideas for Air, Land, or Sea Getaways (LHS)  
4-01-2020 Routine Care of Your Pets (VHHS)  
4-06-2020 Boating - Boat Handling (LHS)  
4-07-2020 Beyond Beginner Canasta (VHHS)  
4-08-2020 Heartsaver - First Aid Basics (LHS)  
4-15-2020 Joy Of Perennials (LHS)  
4-19-2020 Squarepusher Sundays - Board Games (VHHS)  
4-21-2020 Makeup Techniques: Put Your Best Face Forward (VHHS)  
4-22-2020 Sights, Sounds, and Flavors of Spain (VHHS)  
4-29-2020 Gardening For Pollinators (VHHS)  
4-30-2020 Fire Behavior and Extinguisher Use (VHHS)  
5-05-2020 Vegetable Gardening in Small Places (LHS)  
5-06-2020 Heartsaver - CPR/AED (LHS)  
5-06-20 Important Concepts for Solar Energy (LHS)  
5-06-2020 Cruise Vacations: Find the Cruise That's Right for You (VHHS)  
5-13-2020 Bike Maintenance (VHHS)  
5-17-2020 Squarepusher Sundays - Board Games (VHHS)  
4-01-2020 Cut the Cable Cord (VHHS)  
4-01-2020 Photoshop CC For Beginners (VHHS)  
4-09-2020 Using Google Forms to Collect Information (VHHS)  
Engineering for Kids  
4-07-2020 App Development – Ages 7-14 (VHHS)  
4-18-2020 Junior Aerospace Engineering (Ages 4-6) (VHHS)  
4-18-2020 Mechanical Engineering - Apprentice / Master (Grades 3 - 5) (VHHS)  
Youth & Family  
3-16-2020 Spring Cupcake Decorating - Parent and Child (VHHS)  

Cake Decorating - Parent and Child (VHHS)

Online Partnerships  
Over 375 classes


Over 300 classes 




Online registration for our Winter Spring Summer 2020 classes is currently taking place. 

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The D128 Winter Spring Summer classes run January 18 through July 23.