Community Education Mission

We believe that learning enriches our lives at any age. Our Community Education Program provides a broad range of learning opportunities that reflect the needs and interests of our community members regardless of age.

Adult Community Education Classes

Adult Community Education classes are for adults of all ages and interests. We strive to stay in tune and in touch with the latest trends and hottest topics in technology, fitness, recreation, and personal development, while offering a well-rounded core of classes in the arts, foreign languages, personal finance, and much more. Our goal is to meet the needs of our adult learners and promote the concept of life-long learning.

District 128's Community Education Program offers over two hundred classes for adult learners each term. Adults take classes for a variety of reasons including lifelong learning, skill acquisition for employment, leisure, health and fitness, simply to have fun and to socialize. Our program is constantly updating our offerings to meet the diverse needs of our changing community.

Our adult classes are non-credited classes geared for adults who are not concerned about receiving college credit. There are no tests, grades, or attendance requirements. You take classes because you want to learn in a relaxed environment. The cost of taking classes from us is far more reasonable than the tuition cost of taking classes in other programs similar to District 128's Community Education Program. Online registration makes it easy for you to enroll in any of our classes. We offer classes at Libertyville High School, Vernon Hills High School, and a variety of sites out in the community. You do not have to be a resident of District 128 to enroll in our classes.

Come see what we have to offer.  Enroll in a class today!

Youth and Family Community Education Classes

Our Community Education youth and family classes reinforce the concept of learning for all ages and promote learning as a family activity. Many of our classes expand upon the school-day experience while others are enrichment type classes apart from those offered in a traditional school environment. Classes range from the arts, computers, sports, hobbies, crafts, engineering and beyond. Our programs offer age-appropriate programs that address the needs and interests of students of all ages at convenient locations throughout the district.

District 128 Community Education Program offers classes for children and families. Our classes are age specific with some classes for children starting as early as pre-school age. We offer classes for children in the areas of recreation, exercise, engineering and self-defense. Some of these classes are family oriented while others are for children only. Please note that many of our adult classes are available to learners under the age of 18 years with prior approval of the Director, the instructor and a completed consent form.

District 128 Community Education Program values learning at all ages and promotes learning as part of a family activity. Come see what we have for kids. Enroll your kids in a class today!

Online Classes 

The D128 Community Education program partners with two online resources so that we can offer over 1,100 online courses. The variety of offerings meet career and personal, professional development and advanced career development needs. Learn a new skill, prepare for a new career or learn a new hobby virtually! 

Welcome Messages

Diane Phillips, Directory of Community EducationThe District 128 Community Education Program has been committed to providing life-long learning opportunities for the adults, youth and families of our community since 1948. "Lighting the Path for Community Education" supports our purpose and mission. We offer affordable, high-quality programs featuring in-person and live online classes. We partner with community members, local businesses and area agencies to support our communities and offer the best program in the area. 

Classes will be offered "live online" in addition to our in-person format again this term. The D128 Community Education program will continue to put our student's safety first during the COVID-19 pandemic. Community Education students who choose to participate in a class that meets in-person will need to follow safety procedures established by Community High School District 128 which includes wearing face masks in our school buildings, social distancing, hand-cleanizing, completing a daily symptom self-check and having their temperature taken upon entering our buildings until further notice.

We continue to partner with Destinations With Nadine, Inc. and the District 214’s Community Education Travel Program, offering group travel to all seven continents along with area day trips in 2021 and 2022. Some of our new partners include, University of Illinois Extension, Vernon Hills Police Department, Jim Gibbons Historical Presentations, Mindful Vagabond, Tada Cookies, Code Wizards HQ, Estevan Montano, Lake County Audubon Society and the Lake County Forest Preserve District to name a few. We've extended our online partnerships to provide over 1,000 online courses and certificate programs  in varied content areas for career and personal, professional and advanced career development. 

Your feedback is always welcome! It is our goal to offer learning opportunities that are relevant to the ever-changing needs of our participants. We are always looking for new topics and instructors to share their expertise. Please contact our office if you have ideas you would like to suggest, or have an interested in teaching in our program. Take a minute to check out the classes that we are offering this semester. Try a class, and let us know what you think.

Diane Phillips, MBA, MA, CSBO
Director of Community Education
(847) 247-4577