District 128
Community Education Program

Fall 2021 Catalog Cover

Program Contact Info:

diane.phillips@d128.org or teresa.palaggi@d128.org

or call 847-247-4575.


Fall 2021 Community Education Program Update

  • Registration for Com Ed 128 Fall classes is currently taking place.
  • Catalogs were mailed on Monday, August 9, 2021.
  • During the Fall 2021 Community Education term there are 204 classes to choose from - 126 classes will be offered in-person at either Libertyville High School or Vernon Hills High School, 11 classes will be offered off-site at businesses that will also follow social distancing guidelines and 67 classes will be offered “Live Online”. 
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the D128 Community Education Program is following Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidance and is requiring anyone participating in a program that takes place in a District 128 building to wear a face mask at all times, have a temperature check before entering the building, and practice social distancing until further notice.
  • Plus we have over 1,300 online courses and certificate programs in varied content areas for career and personal, professional and advanced career development through our partnerships with Education to Go and UGOTClass
  • Our classes primarily provide educational and personal growth opportunities for learners age 16 and above, but we also offer youth and family classes. 

District 128 Community Education Program
upcoming classes now through December 2021. 

Date Class title


10/28/2021 Hot Glass Sculpting (Peter Patterson Glass Works)
11/03/2021 Festival of Winter Watercolors Live Online
11/04/2021 Glass Blown Holiday Ornament (Peter Patterson Glass Works)
11/09/2021 Welcome Porch Sign Easy and Inexpensive Gift Making (VHHS)
11/15/2021 Photography...Well Shoot! with Mike Caplan & John Petrovic  (LHS)
11/16/2021 Crochet Intermediate Rainbow Mandala Pillow, Wall Art or Rug (VHHS)
12/14/2021 Slate Cheese Board and Wine Glasses Easy and Inexpensive Gift Making (VHHS)


10/26/2021 Pasta e Fagioli Soup Demo (VHHS)
10/27/2021 Make Your Own Condiments (VHHS)
10/27/2021 Intro to Instant Pot: What Do I Do with This Thing? (VHHS)
11/03/2021 Holiday Sugar Cookies with Herbed Sugar (VHHS)
11/04/2021 A Little Sausage and Meatballs (VHHS)
11/08/2021 Cheese Board and Charcuterie Board Demo (VHHS)
11/10/2021 Cooking for Food Allergies and Restricted Diets Demo (VHHS)
11/16/2021 Pumpkin and Cranberry Tarts Hands On (VHHS)
11/18/2021 Orange Cranberry Holiday Bundt Cake Live Online
12/02/2021 One Pot Weeknight Dinners Live Online
12/07/2021 Holiday Cookie Decorating (LHS)

Finance, Real Estate & Law

10/27/2021 Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement (LHS)
11/09/2021 Boomers and Seniors: Don't Go Broke in a Nursing Home Live Online
11/13/2021 Rejuvenate Your Retirement (LHS)
12/07/2021 Surprised Your Named Executor and Trustee! Now What? Live Online

Health, Wellness & Fitness

10/25/2021 Kung Fu (LHS)
10/25/2021 Tai Chi and QiGong (LHS)
11/03/2021 How to Get Your Picky Eater to Try (and LIKE) New Foods Live Online
11/06/2021 Heartsaver First Aid and CPR/AED - Combined (VHHS)
11/10/2021 The Brave Way: Self Defense Training for Women and Girls (LHS)
11/10/2021 How to Find Reliable Health Information (VHHS)
11/16/2021 Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease: The Natural, Drug-Free Approach (LHS)
11/17/2021 Body Sculpt (VHHS)
11/17/2021 Zumba (VHHS)
11/22/2021 Yoga Stress Release (VHHS)
12/01/2021 Oils of the Bible (LHS)
12/02/2021 Walk 15 - Walk and Tone Live Online
12/02/2021 Meditation Introduction (Great Lakes Aikido)
12/15/2021 The Brave Way: Self Defense Training For Adults, Teens, and Families (VHHS)


11/07/2021 North Suburban Wind Ensemble Concert - Libertyville High School Auditorium - 4:00 pm 

Special Interest

9/14/2021 - Meets weekly

New Members Welcome anytime

Civil Air Patrol Lake County Composite Squadron (LHS)
10/25/2021 Canasta Beyond Beginning (VHHS)
11/03/2021 Backyard Composting Live Online
11/06/2021 Wilderness First Aid NOLS and REI (VHHS)
11/10/2021 Mysterious Creatures of Illinois - From Bigfoot to Vampires Live Online
11/10/2021 Vacation Inspiration: Ideas for Air, Land, or Sea Getaways (VHHS)
11/16/2021 The 1960’s: Flower Power, The Beatles, JFK and So Much More (VHHS)
11/20/2021 Introduction To Amateur Radio (VHHS)
11/30/2021 Everything Chicago Blackhawks (VHHS)
12/03/2021 Indoor Gardening Live Online
12/03/2021 Wilderness First Responder Course with NOLS and REI (District Office) 10 day course
12/04/2021 Wilderness First Aid NOLS and REI (VHHS) 2 day course
12/08/2021 Vacation Inspiration for Seniors (LHS)
12/08/2021 Woodpeckers of Lake County Lunch and Learn Live Online


10/27/2021 Cut the Cable Cord (LHS)
11/01/2021 Online Interviews Setting Your Stage Live Online
11/10/2021 PowerPoint Introduction (VHHS)
11/17/2021 Stay Private Online (VHHS)
11/17/2021 PowerPoint Advanced Live Online
11/18/2021 Digital Life After Death Live Online
12/02/2021 Getting To Know Your Apple iPhone Live Online
12/05/2021 Should I Click On That? Adult Computer Safety & Security for PC Users Live Online
12/08/2021 Instagram and Snapchat (LHS)

Travel and Day Trips

11/18/2021 Holiday Inn - Fireside Theatre
12/08 - 12/13/2021 American Legacy: Washington DC and Williamsburg
1/26 - 2/9/2022 St. Petersburg Florida Resort - More Info to follow
2/23/2022 Groundhog Day at Paramount Theatre in Aurora
3/03/2022 Pretty Woman, Marcus Center in Milwaukee
3/12/2022 A Tribute to Aretha Franklin, Marcus Center in Milwaukee
Spring 2022 Fun Motor Coach Tour - Michigan
Shrine of Christ's Passion, St. John, IN
4/23 - 4/28/2022 Sensational Washington State
Summer 2022

Fun Motor Coach Tour - Wisconsin

7/13/2022 Fireside's Steve Watts! What Happens in Vegas, Fireside Theatre
7/23/2022 Jersey Boys, Matinee at Marcus Center in Milwaukee
Fall 2022

Fun Motor Coach Tour - French Lick, IN

September 2022 Stunning Croatia!  More info to follow
Rescheduled until 2022 Dallas/Ft. Worth, Waco & San Antonio, Texas
May 2023 Castles, Flowers and Niagara Falls

Online Partnerships

Over 390 classes

Advanced Career Development

Instructor-led sessions begin 11/17 and 12/15/2021; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Here is a sample of a few courses available:

  • Multimedia Arts

  • Grant Writing + Nonprofit Management

  • Front-End Web Developer

  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager

  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)


Over 840 classes

Career and Personal Development

Instructor-led sessions be 11/17 and 12/15/2021; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Here is a sample of a few courses available:

  • Speed Spanish

  • Python Data Analysis with JupyterLab

  • Discover Sign Language

  • Diversity Training for Employees and Managers

  • Goal Setting and Workplace Efficiency


Over 120 classes

Professional Development

Sessions begin 11/1/2021 and 2/7/2022.

Here is a sample of a few of the courses available: 

  • Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Managers

  • Business Writing

  • Effective Grammar

  • Conflict Management

  • Google Analytics

  • Adobe Illustrator Essentials



Click here to see a list of all          Fall 2021 classes.

The D128 Fall 2021 classes run

September 8 through December 16.