District 128
Community Education Program

Please email diane.phillips@d128.org or teresa.palaggi@d128.org if you have any questions.

Winter Spring Summer 2021 Community Education Program Update

  • Registration for Com Ed 128 Winter Spring Summer classes is currently under way.
  • Catalogs will be mailed on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.
  • During the Winter Spring Summer 2021 Community Education term there are 229 classes to choose from - 74 classes will be offered in-person at either Libertyville High School or Vernon Hills High School, 21 classes will be offered off-site at businesses that will also follow social distancing guidelines and 134 classes will be offered “Live Online”. 
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the D128 Community Education Program is following Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidance and is requiring anyone participating in a program that takes place in a District 128 building to wear a face mask at all times, have a temperature check before entering the building, and practice social distancing.
  • Plus we have over 1,000 online classes through our partnerships with Education to Go and UGOTClass. Our classes primarily provide educational and personal growth opportunities for learners age 16 and above, but we also offer youth and family classes. 






District 128 Community Education Program
upcoming classes in January and early February 2021. 


Date Class


1-27-2021 Art Journaling Live Online
2-05-2021 Knitting Beginning: Cowl Scarf (VHHS)
2-05-2021 Knitting Club (VHHS)
2-05-2021 Make Your Own Glass Art Piece - Heart (Peter Patterson Glass Works)


1-28-2021 Cooking Light Main Dishes Live Online
2-11-2021 DIY Valentine's Day Edible Arrangements Live Online
2-12-2021 Valentine's Day Dinner Live Online

Finance, Real Estate & Law

1-26-2021 The Do's and Don'ts of Getting Your House Ready to Sell (LHS)
1-27-2021 Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement (LHS)
1-27-2021 Wills and Trusts Live Online
2-02-2021 Understanding Your Property Taxes (LHS)
2-02-2021 Protecting Your Busines: Planning for Success Live Online
2-10-2021 Virtues of the 0% Tax Bracket in Retirement Live Online

Health, Wellness & Fitness

1-25-2021 Feed Your Gut, Calm Your Mind: How Gut Health Impacts Mental Health Live Online
1-25-2021 Yoga Stress Release Live Online
1-26-2021 Pilates Barre Fusion Live Online Ages 16 and Older
1-26-2021 Deep Stretch Live Online
1-27-2021 The Brave Way: Self Defense Training For Adults, Teens, and Families (VHHS)
1-27-2021 Essential Oils Basics Live Online
1-27-2021 Angels: Companions To Our Souls Live Online
1-27-2021 Heartsaver - CPR/AED (LHS)
1-27-2021 How to Get Your Picky Eater to Try (and LIKE) New Foods Live Online
1-28-2021 Walk 15 - Walk and Tone Live Online
1-30-2021 Yoga for Beginners Live Online
2-03-2021 Essential Oils for Anxious Feelings Live Online
2-04-2021 Pet Nutrition Live Online
2-09-2021 Pet Natural Healthcare With Essential Oils (LHS)
2-10-2021 Sustainable Weight Management Cooking Techniques Live Online


1-25-2021 Italian Intermediate Il Live Online
1-27-2021 Italian Beginning I Live Online
1-27-2021 Spanish for Fun and Travel (VHHS)

Special Interest

1-26-2021 Civil Air Patrol Lake County Composite Squadron (Live Online)
1-26-2021 Backyard Winter Bird Feeding Live Online
1-27-2021 Civil War: Homefront to Frontline Live Online
1-28-2021 America's Boating Course (LHS)
2-03-2021 Legends and Folklore of Winter Live Online
2-09-2021 Eco Cleaning Live Online
2-13-2021 English Shorthand - Continuing (VHHS)
2-13-2021 Bees and Beekeeping - Sweet Success Live Online
2-14-2021 Carve Your Own Greenland Kayaking Paddle (LHS)


1-26-2021 How Do I Take a Live Class with Zoom? Live Online
2-02-2021 eBay Selling for Beginners Live Online
2-02-2021 Closing Your Digital Divide: A Computer Checklist Live Online
2-09-2021 Using Browser, Exploring Websites & Searching the Web Live Online

Youth & Family

1-27-2021 Let’s Play International Games Youth 10-15 and Adults Live Online
1-27-2021 Musical Theatre Workshop: Descendants Grades 1-4 Live Online

Online Partnerships

Over 380 classes

Advanced Career Development

Instructor-led sessions begin 2/10 and 3/17/2021; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Here is a sample of a few courses available:

  • Graphic Design with Photoshop
  • Grant Writing + Non-Profit Management
  • AutoCAD 3D 2021
  • EXIN Cloud Computing
  • Digital Court Reporter
Over 800 classes

Career and Personal Development

Instructor-led sessions begin 2/10 and 3/17/2021; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Here is a sample of a few courses available:

  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • Achieving Top Search Engine Positions
  • Discover Sign Language
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Grammar Refresher
Over 120 classes

Professional Development

Sessions begin 2/01 and 3/1/2021.

Here is a sample of a few of the courses available: 

  • The Basics of Bookkeeping
  • Writing News and Press Releases
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Revenue Generation for Nonprofits
  • Introduction to Social Media



Click here to see a list of all          Winter Spring Summer 2021 classes.

The D128 Winter Spring Summer 2021 classes run January 15 through August 17.