District 128
Community Education Program

Winter Spring 2023 Catalog Cover



Program Contact Info:

diane.phillips@d128.org or teresa.palaggi@d128.org

or call 847-247-4575

Spring 2023 

Community Education Program Update

  • Registration for Com Ed 128 Winter Spring 2023 is currently taking place.
  • During the Winter Spring Community Education term there will be a reduced number of classes to choose from. The program will continue to offer in-person classes at either Libertyville High School or Vernon Hills High School and at off-site at businesses and “Live Online” classes will be offered. 
  • Plus we have over 1,300 online courses and certificate programs in varied content areas for career and personal, professional development and advanced career development through our partnerships with Education to Go and UGOTClass.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the D128 Community Education Program is following Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidance and is "recommending" anyone participating in a program that takes place in a District 128 building to wear a face mask at all times and practice 3-foot social distancing from each other whenever possible.  Click here to view the most up to date District 128 Culture of Care Comprehensive Plan.
  • Our classes primarily provide educational and personal growth opportunities for learners age 16 and above, but we also offer youth and family classes. 

District 128 Community Education Program
upcoming classes through June 2, 2023

Class Start Date

Class Title


4/05/2023 Paint and Create Party - Tropical Sunset (VHHS)
4/10/2023 Instant Piano for Busy People Lecture, Demo & Hands On Live Online
4/11/2023 Instant Guitar for Busy People Lecture, Demo & Hands On Live Online 13 and Older
4/12/2023 How to Shine As a Musical Entertainer (VHHS)
4/12/2023 Beginner Quilting Class: Torn Log Cabin Quilt (VHHS)
4/12/2023 The Art of iPhone Photography with Mike Caplan and John Petrovic (LHS)

Crash Course - Learn your Wedding Dance for Couples (VHHS)

4/14/2023 Knitting Advanced: Triangular Shawl (VHHS)
4/21/2023 Make Your Own Glass Art Piece - Pendant (Peter Patterson Glass Works)

Ukulele Beginning (VHHS)

5/07/2023 North Suburban Wind Ensemble Concert (VHHS) at 4:00 pm

Crash Course - Merengue into Bachata - Singles and Couples Welcome (VHHS)


Make Your Own Glass Art Piece - Planet (Peter Patterson Glass Works)


4/11/2023 Cooking with Leftovers: Make leftovers better than first overs! Interactive demo (VHHS)
4/13/2023 The Great British Bakeoff with Gale Gand (VHHS)
4/15/2023 Intro To Making Wine (Perfect Brewing Supply)
4/15/2023 Cheese Making Introduction Hands On (Perfect Brewing Supply)
4/26/2023 Creating Dinner for Company Hands On (VHHS)

Making Herbal and Spice Rubs Demo (VHHS)

Finance, Real Estate & Law

4/06/2023 Do's and Don'ts of Getting Your House Ready to Sell (LHS)
4/19/2023 Relying on Your 401(k) or IRA for Guaranteed Retirement Income Live Online

Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement (LHS)


Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Homebuyers Make (LHS)

Health, Wellness & Fitness


Belly Dancing for Fitness All Levels-Non Impact Live Online

4/03/2023 Yoga Stress Release All Fitness Levels (VHHS)
4/03/2023 Tai Chi and QiGong (LHS)
4/06/2023 Walk 15 - Walk and Tone Live Online
4/06/2023 Deep Stretching Live Online
4/06/2023 Belly Dancing for Fitness All Levels-Non Impact Live Online
4/06/2023 Tai Chi and QiGong (LHS)
4/12/2023 Zumba (VHHS)
4/19/2023 Sugar Blues: Understanding Sugar Cravings and Overcoming Sugar Addiction Live Online

Special Interest

1/10/2023  Meets weekly on Tuesdays; New members welcome anytime Civil Air Patrol Lake County Composite Squadron (13 years and over) (LHS)

Marine Engine Maintenance (LHS)

4/06/2023 Growing Terrific Tomatoes (VHHS)
4/10/2023 Growing and Using Root Crops (VHHS)
4/11/2023 Crime Prevention, Personal Safety and Security Strategies (VHHS)
4/12/2023 Heartsaver First Aid and CPR/AED Combined (LHS)
4/12/2023 Wood Carving for All (LHS)
4/13/2023 In-home Safety and Self Defense Considerations (VHHS)
4/15/2023 Bees and Beekeeping Apprentice Beekeeper Live Online
4/15/2023 Wilderness First Aid NOLS and REI (VHHS)
4/15/2023 Intermediate Kayaking and Rescues (VHHS Pool)
4/15/2023 Wood Carving and Painting Workshop (VHHS)

Introduction to Kayak Rolling (VHHS Pool)

5/04/2023 Women's Safety and Empowerment 15 years and Older (VHHS)

Wilderness First Aid NOLS and REI (VHHS)

5/20/2023 Wilderness First Aid NOLS and REI (VHHS)

Advanced Kayak Rolling Workshop (VHHS Pool)


4/04/2023 Microsoft Word: The Very Basics for PC Users Live Online
4/11/2023 Getting More Out Of Microsoft Word for PC Users Live Online
4/26/2023 Cut the Cable Cord (LHS)
5/05/2023 Computer Scams, And What Not To Click On! For PC Users Live Online

Search For Practically Anything Through Google Live Online


Online Partnerships

Over 390 classes

Advanced Career Development

Instructor-led sessions begin 3/15/2023; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Here is a sample of a few courses available:

  • Residential Interior Designer

  • Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Corporate Event Planner

  • Information Security


Over 840 classes

Career and Personal Development

Instructor-led sessions begin 3/15/2023; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Here is a sample of a few courses available:

  • Achieving Top Search Engine Positions

  • 12 Steps to a Successful Job Search 

  • Discover Sign Language

  • Adobe Illustrator CC


Over 120 classes

Professional Development

Sessions begin 3/6/2023.

Here is a sample of a few of the courses available: 

  • Writing News and Press Releases

  • Introduction to Data Analysis

  • Podcasting

  • Google Analytics