District 128
Community Education Program

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Fall 2020 Community Education Program Update

  • Registration for Com Ed 128 Fall classes is currently under way.
  • During the Fall 2020 Community Education term there are 179 classes to choose from - 90 classes will be offered in-person at either Libertyville High School or Vernon Hills High School, 20 classes will be offered off-site at businesses that will also follow social distancing guidelines and 69 classes will be offered “Live Online”. 
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the D128 Community Education Program is following Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidance and is requiring anyone participating in a program that takes place in a District 128 building to wear a face mask at all times, have a temperature check before entering the building, and practice social distancing.
  • Plus we have over 1,000 online classes through our partnerships with Education to Go and UGOTClass. Our classes primarily provide educational and personal growth opportunities for learners age 16 and above, but we also offer youth and family classes. 

D128 Community Education Program






District 128 Community Education Program
upcoming classes in October through December. 


Date Class
10/23/2020 Orb Glass Paperweights (Peter Patterson Glass Works)
10/23/2020 Make Your Own Glass Pumpkin (Peter Patterson Glass Works)
11/04/2020 Art with Repurposed Materials Live Online
11/10/2020 A Taste of Glass Beginning (Peter Patterson Glass Works)
11/12/2020 Acrylics in Action (for Mixed Media Art) Live Online
11/13/2020 Make Your Own Glass Pendant (Peter Patterson Glass Works)
12/03/2020 Orb Glass Paperweights (Peter Patterson Glass Works)
12/04/2020 Make Your Own Glass Ornament (Peter Patterson Glass Works)
10/29/2020 Basic Kitchen Knife Skills (VHHS)
11/04/2020 Bean to Bar Wine Tasting (The Chocolate Sanctuary)  
11/04/2020 Quick Breads for Gifts and Menus (VHHS)
11/05/2020 Brazilian 101 - Rice and Beans (VHHS)
11/12/2020 Fall Desserts Live Online
11/14/2020 Side Dishes for Main Courses (VHHS)
11/17/2020 Pasta Making Live Online
11/18/2020 Craft Cocktail Mixology (VHHS)
11/19/2020 Holiday Desserts (VHHS)
11/19/2020 Holiday Cocktails (North Shore Distillery)
11/24/2020 Holiday Dinner Made Easy Live Online
12/01/2020 Holiday Cookie Exchange (LHS)
12/03/2020 Brazilian 101 - Romeo and Juliet Dessert (VHHS)
12/09/2020 Holiday Croquembrouche with Gale Gand Live Online
Finance, Real Estate & Law
11/03/2020 Relying on Your 401(k) or IRA for Guaranteed Retirement Income Live Online
11/05/2020 Understanding Your Property Taxes (LHS)
11/12/2020 Boomers and Seniors: Don't Go Broke in a Nursing Home Live Online
11/14/2020 Rejuvenate Your Retirement (VHHS)
12/01/2020 Virtues of the 0% Tax Bracket in Retirement Live Online
Health, Wellness & Fitness
11/02/2020 Chakra Exploration for Healthier Energy Balance Live Online
11/04/2020 Help Balance Your Hormones with Essential Oils Live Online
11/05/2020 Yoga for Beginners Live Online
11/07/2020 Yoga for Beginners Live Online
11/10/2020 Help for Lower Back & Leg Pain (VHHS)
11/10/2020 Essential Oils vs Pharmaceuticals & What You Should Know (LHS)
11/12/2020 Help for Neuropathy (VHHS)
11/12/2020 Immunity Boosting through Mother Nature Live Online
11/18/2020 The Brave Way - Self Defense Training for Women and Girls (VHHS)
11/18/2020 Heartsaver - CPR/AED (LHS)
12/09/2020 Heartsaver - First Aid Basics (LHS)
12/14/2020 The Brave Way - Self Defense Training for Adults, Teens and Families (LHS)
11/02/2020 Italian Beginning II Live Online
Online Partnerships
Over 380 classes

Advanced Career Development

Instructor-led sessions begin 11/11, 12/09 and 1/13/2021; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Over 800 classes

Career and Personal Development

Instructor-led sessions begin 11/11, 12/09 and 1/13/2021; Self-paced classes start anytime.

Over 120 classes

Professional Development

Sessions begin 11/02 and 2/01/2021.

Special Interest
Ongoing Civil Air Patrol (LHS) - Currently meeting Live Online
10/28/2020 Buckthorn and Invasive Species Removal Live Online
11/01/2020 Introduction to Traditional & Greenland Kayaking & Rolling (VHHS Pool)
11/01/2020 Intermediate Sea Kayaking (VHHS Pool)
11/02/2020 Canasta Beyond Beginning (VHHS)
11/14/2020 Wilderness & Remote First Aid Training with NOLS & REI (VHHS)
11/16/2020 Getting Paid to Talk: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Professional Voice Acting Live Online
11/21/2020  Bees and Beekeeping - Sweet Success Live Online
12/12/2020 Wilderness and Remote First Aid Training with NOLS and REI (VHHS)
11/03/2020 Don't Let Cybercriminals Get to You Through Your Inbox! Live Online
11/05/2020 Spreadsheets Beyond Beginner Live Online
11/18/2020 Online Advertising for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs (VHHS)


Online registration for our Fall 2020 classes is open. 

Click here to see a list of all          Fall 2020 classes.

The D128 Fall classes run September 5 through December 19.